Couple of Secrets

Welcome to Couple of Secrets

Couple of Secrets is a window into our sexual experiences: an ordinary couple on a journey to nurture and expand its sexual space. We simply refuse the premise that as relationships advance sex becomes humdrum and boring.

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Couple of Secrets monogamish

Monogamous? Polyamorous? Or maybe just monogamish?

We do not consider ourselves full swingers. Sure we like to experiment sexually, but our relationship is definitely not open and we shudder even at the idea of polyamory between us. At the same time, we cannot claim with our hand on our heart to be monogamous either. Let’s just say we are …monogamish.

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Couple of Secrets Sex in real life

Sex in Real Life | Changing gears to match your partner

Sex in real life isn’t always harmonious. Desire for your partner might be alive and burning, but this doesn’t mean that you’re always attuned. So what do you do if you and your partner happen to be on different gears in bed?

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