Couple of Secrets

Welcome to Couple of Secrets

Couple of Secrets is a window into our sexual experiences: an ordinary couple on a journey to nurture and expand its sexual space. We simply refuse the premise that as relationships advance sex becomes humdrum and boring.

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Dating another woman | Uncharted territory

Me dating another woman has been a fantasy of Xander and me for some time now. I know I will do it at some point. But dating women is still uncharted territory for me.

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Are you a swinger? | Defining our sexual mindset

On some days we’re swingers. But on others we’re strictly vanilla. Our sexual life is much more than sex itself. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a sexual mindset. How do you define it?

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Darling Cabaret Prague | A review

Cabaret Darling boasts an impressive variety of performers and sexy party girls! We chose it as our venue for a sexy date in Prague, and we weren’t disappointed. We were even picked up by a limo!

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Dining in the Dark Couple of Secrets

Dark Dining | touching more than food

For our sexy weekend in Amsterdam we chose Dark dining. There is something deeply sensual about being deprived of sight and relying totally on touch. Especially if you are touching your object of desire!

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masturbating on porn couple of secrets

Mars vs Venus | Masturbating on porn

Aliki likes mastrubating on porn, especially Erika Lust. As her partner, I find it sexy. But my reptile brain rebels. Do women and men see porn differently?

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Couple of secrets How to be a good lover Queen of Chakras

The Queen of Chakras | What makes a good lover

We all crave to be great lovers, to make our sex partners moan with pleasure. But what exactly is a good lover? Is it about skills, proportions or beauty? Or is it all in the heart? What do you think makes a good lover?

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