November 2017

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Brazil | Home of swing?

Before setting off for Brazil we had decided to dip our toes into the country's sexy swinging scene. This morning we had the first snow of the season. Just a smattering really, but enough to justify the thick wad of euros that Aliki and I spent on tickets to Brazil for...

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Sex is overrated. Or isn't it?

Sex is overrated. Or isn’t it?

I am still mulling over the fact that nobody has to choose between his or her sexual fantasies and a stable, loving couple life. I feel strongly about this because I see it all around me and I have lived it before: passion in the arms of a lover and...

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Love at first write

If this blog were a boat, this post would be the Dom Pérignon tied to the ribbon, hurtling towards the prow. Unfortunately, as things are, we can only celebrate the launch of our blog using words rather than bubbles! Like most bloggers, we consider this site as 'our baby'. Its contents...

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