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A silly sexy night out

Xander and I sometimes get in this silly, sexy mood. It doesn’t happen to us often, but every now and then we get these moments of puberal behaviour and I admit that I enjoy them to the full. Even if we happen to be in a swingers club, where sex...

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Sex Roundup Couple of Secrets

Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 1

This our first quick roundup of the sex-related stuff that has caught our attention in recent days. It has been, in fact, a very enlightening week, especially for men in search of self-improvement! ...

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reason to cheat on your partner

5 reasons to cheat and why you shouldn’t

Are you getting too comfortable with your partner? Do you feel you are drifting apart? Are you thinking of doing dirty things to your woman, but you just don't dare to talk to her about it? Here are 5 reasons to cheat on your partner (and why you shouldn't)! ...

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