5 reasons to buy OMGYES for yourself and your partner

5 reasons to buy OMGYES for yourself and your partner

Intrigued by OMGYES but not sure it’s worth its money? Here are 5 reasons to buy OMGYES for yourself and your partner!

Some weeks ago we published a review of the second season of OMGYES – The Inner Pleasure Collection and gave away one free access to one lucky reader. While we hope we did a good job presenting you this remarkable project and its individual modules, what we didn’t share with you is how OMGYES has changed our sex life and why we believe OMGYES is definitely worth buying for couples and singles too.

OMGYES is the perfect tool to discover new sources of pleasure but what counts perhaps more is the voyage it will set you on. After all, one-to-one time with your lover is a journey, not a destination.

5 reasons to buy OMGYES

1. OMGyes made us spend more time in bed

Who doesn’t like staying in bed with their partner?

For Xander and me, this time is precious; it balances us out, it smoothens all of our edges and binds us more as a couple. I am not talking only about sex-time here; what counts even more is the time when we lie naked and sweaty in each other’s arms with a candle and some music on and talk about everything and nothing.

As precious as these moments in bed are for a couple, they are unfortunately the first ones to perish under the weight of family and/or parental obligations. Whether it is because your marital bed gets squatted by little people or simply due to lack of time and/or energy, it’s easy to lose the habit of devoting time to lay in bed with your partner.

OMGYES has given us good reasons to stay in bed. We have spent hours watching the videos together and, of course, trying out the different techniques. Some worked wonders, others a little less. At the end of the day, sexual pleasure is subjective and it takes time and experimentation to find what does it for you and your partner.

It is impossible not to find something novel on OMGYES, no matter how experienced you are. Let’s face it, as much sex as you might have had in your life, there is always someone who is ahead of you or has simply practised something different.

Apropos, did you know that the researchers of OMGYES have interviewed more than 20.000 women aged 18 to 95? Try to beat that, sister!

2. I found out new things about my body

Your body is a wonderland, your body is a temple and nobody knows it better than you do. I give you that.

What we might not realise, however, is that our physical needs and wishes change with time. And by time I mean several times per month -courtesy of our hormonal cycle- but also as years pass and turn into decades.

What worked for you when you were twenty might disinterest you to the degree of boredom fifteen years down the line -say sex al fresco. Also, and more interestingly, just because you couldn’t reach a second climax when you started having sex doesn’t mean your current body still cannot offer you that particular pleasure.

OMGYES will challenge you to go exploring in the wonderland that is your body. By understanding what works for other women, I was intrigued to try new things for myself. Not everything has worked, of course. No two women are the same and nothing works for everybody. I, for instance, didn’t care much for Broadening or Squirting. Pairing and Flexing, though, were a true revelation!

Even if through OMGYES you find only one new thing that works for you (although I bet you there will be many more!), the enrichment it will bring about in your sex life will be totally worth it.

With OMGYES I found out new things about my body

3. I understood things I already knew about my body

There are sensations and feelings you already recognise instinctively but cannot consciously put into words yet. You know what you like and don’t like but you do not comprehend exactly why.

It’s important to understand that these are not just idiosyncrasies of yours. You are not just being difficult. Other women out there experience the same sensations too.

Why is it that you tilt your hips in a certain direction when your partner changes the angle of penetration? Why do you pull back at certain moments and push for more at others? Why is it ok to rub your clit just before the first orgasm but not when the second one is around the corner?

OMGYES has collected and categorized what feels good for thousands of women and has provided names for techniques that were unnamed so far. Flexing, Angling, Broadening are just some examples.

Registering these sensations and techniques in a verbal way made them more concrete in my head. It allowed me to decide consciously on what I wanted to expand on and discuss it more precisely with Xander.

This has allowed me to communicate more clearly with Xander about which techniques work and which don’t. After so many years together -and countless hours of good sex- it is refreshing to try different approaches and deepen our understanding of our bodies.

And by the way, this is not only important for couples. If you don’t have a steady partner and are hoping to achieve sexual satisfaction through different sex partners, it’s all the more vital that you know yourself well enough in order to guide them.

OMGyes made us spend more time in bed

4. OMGYES is an opportunity to open up with your partner about sex

Xander and I have been open in our sex talk since the beginning of our relationship -it’s where we developed the concept of sexual space. By now it’s a vital part of how we communicate.

From our previous experiences we know, though, that this is not always the case in all amorous relationships.

Sometimes, your partner might be too shy to start a conversation about how they like it and exactly how they like it. They might have repressed these needs and desires since puberty. They might be scared that giving you guidelines and tips will make you doubt their feelings for you or make them sound bossy.

Sometimes, people just long to talk about their sexual wishes. Nevertheless, we are just hesitating to do it with their own partner. It’s a slippery slope and it might lead to sexual estrangement with your lover.

That’s where you can use OMGYES to improve your relationship. It is a playful and objective way to practice new techniques and get acquainted with new sensations but, more importantly, it can provide the perfect platform to cut into subjects which might have been off-limits for you up to now.

At the end of the day, sex with your partner needs to be tended to and cared for like the rest of the relationship. You cannot expect it to always be spontaneous and perfect. If you don’t take the time to explain to your lover what you like and what you don’t, who will?

OMGYES is an opportunity to open up with your partner about sex5. It has made sex more technical and more satisfactory

Even if your sexual life with your long-term partner is great and you have sex regularly, you will notice that OMGYES will lead you to more technical sex and to new heights of pleasure.

I always spoke openly to Xander about sex. Yet, it was mostly on the level of fantasies and passion, setting the scenery for great lovemaking. After discovering OMGYES, we find ourselves talking much more about technical details. We don’t even have the feeling that we are reproaching one another. 

What exactly do you like when I go down on you?

Should I concentrate on the clit or explore the whole area?

Do you prefer me to keep on going when you come and at what intensity?

What kind of penetration works for you?

Do you get physical excitement from this particular angle and/ or position?

Which rhythm do you prefer?

I have to admit that despite all the sex-talk with Xander and all the sexual experimentation, through OMGYES we got down to talking actual technical details with meaningful terminology and practical guidance.

Surprise, surprise! It turns out that that we both enjoy softer moves and mostly slower paces, although for years we were afraid of boring one another. Three cheers for slow sex! 

It has made sex more technical and more satisfactoryWhere do I purchase OMGyes?

OMGyes is only for sale online, directly from the OMGyes. You can check their offers here.


We want to know about your experience!

Are you a happy user of OMGYES? Do you want to share with us how it has affected your sex life? We want to hear from you!


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