5 sexy summer habits

5 Sexy summer habits couple of secrets

5 sexy summer habits

Xander and I are Mediterranean in heart and soul, even in our sexy summer habits. Out of the three S’s we are lucky enough not to miss sex throughout the year. Sea and sun are a different story unfortunately. Which is why we could never imagine a summer holiday without diving into the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean! We all have our summer preferences but when it comes to sexy summer habits, we have our clear favourites.

Here come our top 5 sexy summer habits:

1. More naked skin

Forget cold winter days, when your inner slumbering bear prevails. No more covering yourself up from top to toes in multiple layers of thick fabrics, looking like some weird stuffed vegetable.

Summertime is liberation! It’s time to take off all redundant clothes and show as much bare skin as possible (always using the right UV protection, of course!). Lying on the beach, Xander and I just love the constant catwalk of tanned, oiled skin, deep décolletés, bikinis or monokinis exposing toned muscles and luscious breasts. And, why not, even more is welcome! When it comes to summer healthy habits skinny dipping is up there with morning yoga and surfing!

There are several nudist or nudist-friendly beaches dotting the Med to choose from, all the way from the ‘mixed’ sandy beaches of the Cyclades to the exclusively nudist Cape d’Agde. Just make sure to inform yourself about the local custom in advance. You might not believe it, but in some countries, such as Malta, even topless sunbathing is against the law!

2. More sensual clothing

Alas there will still be moments when you have to put some clothes on. But the beauty of summer is that it offers infinitely more sexy possibilities: casual dainty dresses, hot spaghetti tops, sexy mini skirts, high-waisted shorts, low-back tops, lace, silk, linen, take your pick! Summer time -especially in southern European countries- is a feast for the eyes (and other organs). These summer high-waisted jeans shorts are back in fashion, and boy, they can be sexy!

Admittedly, in terms of wardrobe choices, guys are at a disadvantage compared to women. To be fair, though, I am always impressed by a man who knows how to wear a linen shirt or a linen pair of trousers and it’s an easy one to pull off. And for a more casual look denim bermudas are always a classic. Oh, and for the repentless machos amongst you, guys: summer shoes for men do exist. Use them wisely and when in doubt, ask your girlfriend.

Sartorial sensuality also applies all the way down to underwear, or lack thereof. While I’m not exactly pining for a Kim Kardashian style of see-through clothing, the right amount of skin showing through can be both titillating and sensuous.

3. Fooling around at the beach

Xander and I are certainly not sex-deprived, but there is something special about being in public, wearing essentially only underwear and feeling each other’s naked skin. It never fails to turn us on, which is why we fool around a lot on the beach. Fleeting caresses, playful pushing and pulling each other on the sand, longer and deeper kisses and Xander having to resort to a cold dip to cool down. The beach foreplay is an excellent aphrodisiac for late evening hot sex (see point 4). And where the location permits, of course, we have no qualms going all the way! Sex on the beach may be a cliché, but it definitely maintains its staying power.

4. Hot sex is so… well, hot!

While winter sex under heavy blankets in front of a fireplace is certainly cosy, nothing compares with hot summer sex: beads of sweat trickling down coconut-odoured bodies with white translucent curtains blowing in the evening sea breeze. Feeling your steaming body sliding against your lover, sweat serving as a lubricant, while he whispering in your ear…. Just the thought of it makes me shiver with desire! And the beauty of it all is that during holidays you can spend more time in bed, lazing and fooling around together (and possibly with one or more other people too).

5. Laying longer in bed

Now for Xander and me this is one of the secrets of a good relationship: the time we spend in bed. It is good to have sex, but it is also good to lay in each others arms, talking and caressing each other in between sessions. And there’s nothing like summer to indulge in this idyllic practice. It is definitely the top amongst our sexy summer habits. Those weeks where the kids are away and we’re on a break from work, it has become our custom to spend whole mornings in bed. We like it so much, that we have made out of it a yearly practice, we call it our Sextival. We even prepare for it, deciding what experiences we would like to try out and stock on underwear and sex toys in advance. Here’s what I have just ordered for this year’s Sextival. Can’t wait to try it on!

We will definitely tell you more about the Sextival in one of our next posts and why not, perhaps you’ll be tempted to do it too!

Photocredit: Photo by Couple of Secrets

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