A dangling surprise

A dangling surprise

If there’s one thing I love about Aliki (and it’s only one of many), it is her adventurous sense of initiative when it comes to our sexual life. It’s not the bold, ‘let’s-go-for-it’ kind of inventiveness. That’s me. No, hers is more of a delicate, almost bashful, reaching-out, with very exciting results nonetheless.

 –  ‘Aliki, tonight I am completely exhausted, baby’, I told her one recent evening, ‘I cannot seem to recover from my jet-lag’.

 –  ‘Poor love, how about a nice massage?’ She wrapped her arms around me from behind, ‘we can try out the sensual oil I bought from this new sex shop I found out this morning’.

I couldn’t help laughing. I turned around and locked her in my arms.

 – ‘We’re going to sex shops on our own now, are we?’

 – ‘Just market research, love’, she responded to my playful chiding.

After a long kiss she took my hand and led me upstairs. Despite my tiredness my stomach knotted with anticipation. I knew well the magic that Aliki’s hands work on me. I stiffened just at the thought.

She lit up the candles and undressed me: slowly and lovingly. I’m spoilt.

 – ‘Lay on the bed, my love’, her whisper felt like balm. ‘On your back.’

– ‘But I want to see you!’

– ‘Not yet. You turn around only when I tell you.’

I obeyed and waited, secretly loving the way she can be domineering in moments like these. It was only after some time that she straddled me, her satin genitals rubbing against my tail bone. The perfumed oil pooled on the small of my back, suffusing me with concentrated warmth. Then she placed the palm of her delicate hands on me and started spreading it all over.

When Aliki massages me, I experience both a profound sense of calm and violent peaks of excitement. Her hands moved deftly, alternating between deep rubbing and sensual caresses.  And as she did so, she moved her hips rhythmically, slowly rubbing herself against me. I breathed heavily, anticipating the moment when she would bend forward to touch me with her breasts. As expected she leaned. Only this time she stopped short and I could feel the erogenous touch of metal, dangling against two spots on my back. I hardened even more, if that was even possible, and the man in me took over. In one swift movement I turned around, the oil lubricating my movement against her, and I lay facing her.

I gasped with pleasure at the surprise. Aliki’s nipples where taught under the weight of two dangling, bejewelled tear-drop nipple rings. She laughed at my reaction.

– ‘I bought more than sensual oil from the sex shop, love.’

– ‘And you will get more than just a massage in return from me tonight, baby.’

Picture credit: Couple of Secrets

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