Anal pleasure for straight men | A personal experience 

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Anal pleasure for straight men | A personal experience 

More and more straight men are (re)discovering the intricacies of anal pleasure.  The Ancient Greeks had understood this a long time ago. They even considered it as ‘virtuous’. While I would not go as far, I am open (excuse the pun!) to new experiences and I wanted to find out first hand.

Anal pleasure for straight men

The suggestion came from a gay friend of Aliki. Not the idea to try anal pleasure but the tip as to where to try it. Here’s the thing. I have been toying with the idea of having a proper prostate massage for quite sometime. But while I am far from being a stuck-up macho -and sleeping with a transgender female has, in fact, been one of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions– it still did not come easy. 

Aliki and I have often dabbled with pegging and I must admit that I like it. However, I always feel that I could enjoy it better if I relaxed more. By relaxing, I don’t mean overcoming some sort of mental barrier. I mean relaxing the right muscles. There is always a point of physical discomfort which ruins part of the pleasure. Over time I found myself wondering whether mine was not simply a physical inability to experience anal pleasure to the full. 

– “Bullshit.” was Aliki’s friend verdict. And Aliam  -his contact- proved him right.


A basic thing that I have learnt with Aliki in our sexual exploration is that you take the step only when it feels right to you. I have come to respect that. The right moment for me came during this year’s Sextival. 

Aliki was excited about it. We had agreed that she would be present and for me that was a deal-breaker. Not to chaperone me or anything. I simply didn’t want to have the experience without her. We discussed it, like we do with any of our planned adventures and the we contacted Aliam. We explained to him we wanted to visit as a couple -which he welcomed- and all was set.

anal pleasure for straight men

On the spot

I have to admit that the day of the appointment I was nervous. While this may sound obvious, I am not entirely sure why. After all, I cannot say that I am an anal virgin. I honestly believe that if we, straight men, had to overcome the (stupid) prejudice that anal penetration is only for homosexuals, we would fare better!

Aliam is a professional through and through. He welcomed us into his studio with a hearty smile and a soft voice. First thing we did was to sit down and have a chat. He knew it was my first time so he wanted to put me at ease. But, more than that, he wanted to know what I truly expected out of the experience.

– “Guidance.” I answered. “An understanding of how to receive a prostate massage without any pain or discomfort.”

Now that I am writing, it seems rather straightforward as a request. On the spot, however, it took some coaxing from his side. The conversation was pleasant though and Aliki was next to me.

– “I would like to learn more about how to massage Xander without making him uneasy.” she told Aliam. She had her naughty twinkle in her eyes. “ I am used to doing it on myself, it comes easy by now. But doing it on someone else is an entirely different story.”

Under the spotlight

I guess the best way to describe Aliam’s approach is as “holistic” (derived from “whole” not “hole”). He explained that body and mind are one organism. Putting the whole being at ease is the first step.

I achieved this state by a soft tantric massage in which Aliki participated. Aliam took his time and most of the time he operated in the background . Almost all of my interaction was with Aliki. She is, after all, the object of my desire and, while I am open to anal pleasure, I am not excited by the masculine touch.

Aliam understood that and he did a wonderful job. He took his time and paced himself. By the time the moment came, I was more than ready. I was yearning for it.

I guess the biggest thing I took with me from Aliam’s studio is that due to our ingrained prejudice towards homosexuality, we, straight men, have thrown out of the window the pleasures of anal sex. Homosexual men have anal sex because that is pretty much the natural thing to do for two men. But, truly, experiencing anal pleasure does not make you a homosexual.

Photocredit: Couple of Secrets (Main) Pixabay (inset)

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