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Singles' Day for Couples

Singles’ Day for couples

November 11 is Singles' Day. But can people in a relationship celebrate it too? Apart from being Armistice Day, since 1993, November 11 has also become synonymous with Singles' Day. Celebrating singlehood while commemorating the millions who fell in muddy trenches is a tad crass, I agree. But to be fair, the...

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Circle Club Antwerp Couple of Secrets

Circle Club, Antwerp | A review

The Circle Club combines a laid-back nightclub vibe with a classy swinging environment and is definitely one of our favourite Belgian swingers clubs. The Circle even has its own mobile app that allows you to chat with people in the club or perhaps even prepare a date in advance. ...

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Sextival Couple of Secrets

The Couple of Secrets Sextival 2018

You know all the things you've been fantasising about for ages but you never get to realise? The fantasies that make your libido hit red, but are just outside your comfort zone? It's exactly these things we want to do during the Sextival! ...

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5 Sexy summer habits couple of secrets

5 sexy summer habits

Xander and I are Mediterranean in heart and soul. Out of the three S's we are lucky enough to have sex all throughout the year. Sea and sun are a different story unfortunately. Which is why we could never imagine a summer holiday without diving into those crystal blue waters...

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female sexual advantages couple of secrets

3 female sexual advantages (according to a man)

I am not a jealous person. But I admit that some female sexual advantages raise a certain amount of covetousness in me.  Simply put, from a male perspective, there are serious sexual advantages to being a woman! And these are over and above the seemingly natural ease with which many women...

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For the love of women couple of secrets

For the love of women

You won’t be shocked to hear that I like women. Not all women of course. But certain women excite me with their delicate or bold beauty and the soft and sensual way they move and touch. ...

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no sex period

No Sex. Period.

I am no expert on the female period. We men are just wussies for whom the only cycles that matter are the one that alternates between slumber and wakefulness and the one that causes the empty stomach to rumble. When you are in a relationship however you have to face...

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Erika Lust a review Couple of Secrets

Erika Lust | A review

Erika Lust creates ethically responsible and aesthetically attentive adult cinema. Her porn has a clear female flair. Don't be fooled by the word 'female' though. Erika does not make soft porn. ...

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Jealousy Couple of Secrets

Swinging Jealousy

I have come to the conclusion that the right dose of jealousy is healthy. There are limits of course. I cannot help feeling the prick when I see Aliki at the centre of male attention. Yet, at the right dose, that pain is both sexy and effective. It makes me...

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A silly sexy night out

Xander and I sometimes get in this silly, sexy mood. It doesn’t happen to us often, but every now and then we get these moments of puberal behaviour and I admit that I enjoy them to the full. Even if we happen to be in a swingers club, where sex...

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Sex Roundup Couple of Secrets

Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 1

This our first quick roundup of the sex-related stuff that has caught our attention in recent days. It has been, in fact, a very enlightening week, especially for men in search of self-improvement! ...

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reason to cheat on your partner

5 reasons to cheat and why you shouldn’t

Are you getting too comfortable with your partner? Do you feel you are drifting apart? Are you thinking of doing dirty things to your woman, but you just don't dare to talk to her about it? Here are 5 reasons to cheat on your partner (and why you shouldn't)! ...

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sharing sexy pictures couple of secrets

Complicity in Pictures

Sharing sexy pictures with your partner can imply a strong complicity. Because even when he sees an impressive woman half-naked, he is thinking of me: how good that underwear would look on me; how sexy a picture of me in that same pose would be. In many ways, it is...

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