Boate 2a2, Rio | A review


Boate 2a2, Rio | A review

Boate 2a2 in Botafogo, Rio gave us a taste of swinging in Brazil 

We could not go to Rio and not check out the local swinging scene. We had already heard quite a few interesting things about sex and Brazilians but we wanted to find out first hand. Our choice fell on Boate 2a2 in Botafogo. We took a cab directly there from our hotel, as we were advised not to risk walking on the wrong streets of Rio by night. The city is so vibrant and full of life, but as a tourist you can’t always tell the safe streets from the dangerous spots.

Boate2a2 Sexy Brazilians

You have to hand to the Brazilians, they exude sexiness

Safety aside, our first impression of Boate 2a2 was one of discretion. The taxi stopped us in front of a huge iron gate that obstructed the view. The only thing that gave the club away was the bulky security standing outside.


Differences to European Swingers Clubs

Before stepping into Boate 2a2 a security guard screened the men (apparently deeming women as not dangerous). Once inside, an impeccably-dressed manager greeted us in perfect English and explained to us the rules of the house. There are two: leave all your possessions in a bag at an apposite cloakroom at the entrance and always, always stick together as a couple. He insisted on the latter, which lead us to believe that situations in Brazilian swingers clubs can get quite tense.

These rules are quite different from any European swingers club we have been to, where people are free to roam as they wish. There were also a few other noticeable differences: outside the playrooms, people do not undress after a certain hour like they do in every swingers club we have visited in Europe. The result is that the ground-floor dance area and bar look no different than in any other nightclub.

The play area, situated upstairs, is only open after 23:00, at least when we were there. This is strictly adhered to, with a security guard stationed at the bottom of the stairs to ensure compliance. In fact, the omnipresence of security guards, kitted in dark suits, is in itself a very foreign element for European swingers. It is probably more of a deterrent given the violent streak of the city, but better safe than sorry. While in the club, however, we did not, at any moment, feel unsafe.

Boate2a2 Rio new year

These weren’t the only fireworks we experienced in Rio


The Club

Boate 2a2 is housed in an exquisite colonial building with a front porch. Once through the small front door, you find yourself immediately in an atmospheric lounge area still displaying touches of the original edifice.

The crowd was mostly young and sexy. You have to hand it to Brazilians, they know how to dress and move sexily. Indeed they manage to do that whatever the shape of their body! The ground floor includes a bar area, with comfortable sofas and a private corner where there is a vintage car, in which you can have some back-seat fun at your leisure! A short corridor leads from the bar to a sunk-in dance floor complete with a DJ booth and with wall mirrors all around. There is also a dark corner here for those who cannot wait until the playrooms open.

The top floor of the club is a warren of playrooms. Accessible via a delicate, wooden winding staircase, the area includes both lockable rooms for more ‘private’ fun as well as open rooms for communal sex. One of the rooms also contains a large circular bed. The play area is not huge and it can get very crowded at moments. However, it looked clean and was rather comfortable.


Value for Money

The entry fee to Boate 2a2 is probably one of the lowest we have ever paid. On the evening we were there, Caipirinhas were free while we had to pay for the rest of the drinks. The price is, however, very reasonable and you do not have to handle any money. At the entrance, you get a card that you hand in at the end to pay the bill. There is hardly any food available –just a very small table with some finger food- so make sure you eat in advance. In total, including the drinks we consumed, we paid 180 Reais (c. EUR 45) which makes it good value for money.


One last word…

The lifestyle, like any other form of sexual experimentation, can be an opportunity to consolidate your sexual space, even if you are not into full swinging. Talk with your partner about your fantasies and limits and check out our tips for visiting a swingers club without risking your relationship.


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Aliki's opinion
The whole swinging experience was somewhat different than in Europe. Maybe it was the sign specifically asking men to keep their partners next to them the whole time that intimidated me, but I was slightly on edge throughout the evening. At the same time, I found the directness of Brazilians and the loud moaning in the playrooms extremely exciting. It was rough but genuine.
Xander's opinion
Our visit to Boate2a2 came at the end of a very sexy Brazilian holiday! One thing that was definitely new to us, possibly because we were foreigners, was that we found ourselves at the centre of attention. And while attention can be flattering you can only take so much. Brazilian men can be quite straight forward as to what they expect from women, which can take Europeans by surprise. Don't be shy to put clear limits in place.
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Boate 2a2, R. Visc. de Caravelas, 176  Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22271-041, Brazil

Photo credit: Couple of Secrets, Boate 2a2 (Main picture)


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