Brazil | Home of swing?

Brazil | Home of swing?

Before setting off for Brazil we had decided to dip our toes into the country’s sexy swinging scene.

This morning we had the first snow of the season. Just a smattering really, but enough to justify the thick wad of euros that Aliki and I spent on tickets to Brazil for Christmas. So, Rio here we come!

Brazil, it seems, does not only dance to the rhythm of Samba but is also home to a vibrant swinging community. Not surprising really, for a country that behaves like it invented sex. A friend of Aliki, who lived there for a while, once told us how while walking down the street she would be whisked away by a man for a little samba twirl, a flirt, and possibly more. And apparently, all this is achieved with ease and without any hint of harassment. (Mr. Weinstein, Brazil for a few lessons?)

We are so thrilled!

Now the truth is that Aliki and I, so far, have never taken libertine-only trips and this will not be one either. While we like the occasional dip into the sexy swingers world, we like it to be just that: occasional. We know couples who regularly jet off for weekends in resorts that have been specifically reserved for swingers. We might try it someday (if anything, to be able to tell you about it) but now is not the time and Brazil is definitely not the place.

Having said that, we are definitely planning to spice up our trip and have already gotten in touch with one couple through our favourite meeting site. We also hope to visit a club or two while on the spot and definitely, without any shadow of a doubt, we plan to have sex on the beach in the moonlight.

And of course, we will tell you all about the journey. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions about Brazil or contacts, please drop us a line.

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