Circle Club, Antwerp | A review

Circle Club Antwerp Couple of Secrets

Circle Club, Antwerp | A review

Circle Club, in Antwerp, is one of our favourite Belgian clubs.

As of 2019, we have been informed that the Circle Club has closed down. 

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Lying along the Kempisch Kanaal in Schoten, a suburb of Antwerp, ‘the Circle’ successfully combines a laid-back nightclub vibe with a classy swinging environment. We have visited a number of times. Each time we were amongst a large crowd of fun-loving swingers who hail not only from Belgium but also from the Netherlands and elsewhere. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Circle Club is its mobile app that permits you to chat with people in the club and even prepare a date in advance.

Circle club Antwerp outside


The Club

There is ample parking space just in front of the club and from there it’s but a short walk to the marquee entrance. You ring the bell and wait to be let in.

The interior of the Circle is modern and tastefully furnished. The first thing to greet you is the reception, which also doubles as a cloakroom. Until this point, the rest of the club is hidden from view but the sound of merriment would normally have already put you in the right mood for the night.

For most, the first stop is the changing room and the bathrooms just beyond. These are comfortable and clean and, as is the case in most clubs, each patron gets an individual locker. Once you have comfortably changed in your sexy attire, you are ready to step out into the club itself. The clubbing area of the Circle is on the ground floor. It is spacious, with a buffet corner at one end and a self-contained smoking room at the other. It is also very convivial. There’s ample room for dancing to live DJ music, a long, well-equipped bar to one side and sexy white sofas to rest your tired feet and flirt with your neighbour.

The playrooms are accessible via a small door to the side of the bar and are all upstairs. The area is not huge -it comprises four rooms and a corridor- but the ambiance is sexy and the beds are comfortable and adapted for a variety of activities. You can choose to have some side-by-side fun or more gregarious hanky-panky. Those of an exhibitionist nature have couches set in a niche along the corridor at their disposal. Our favourite room is the one with the freestanding massage-table. We have made quite a few fond memories there!


Value for money

Entry to the Circle Club ranges between €50 and €80 per couple, depending on the event. This includes free food and drinks all night. We do not normally eat when we go to clubs but the selection at the Circle, though not vast, always seemed tasty.  You can also organise your birthday party at the Circle!


One last word…

The lifestyle, like any other form of sexual experimentation, can be an opportunity to consolidate your sexual space, even if you are not into full swinging. Talk with your partner about your fantasies and limits and check out our tips for visiting a swingers club without risking your relationship.

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Aliki's opinion
Circle Club has had a good party atmosphere every time we have visited, whether on a busy crowded night or on more quiet occasions.  To me, the most striking thing about the Circle is that it takes sex clubbing to another level: unpretentious, unapologetic, almost mainstream. Before going to the Circle Club, check out what to put in your bag for swingers clubs.
Xander's opinion
We have been to the Circle a few times and I have always liked the crowd. For me, the highlight of the Circle Club is the mobile app: it allows us to strike up conversations with fellow swingers in the week running up to our visit and possibly fix a date.  Before visiting Circle Club, have a look at our tips for visiting a swinger’s club with your partner!
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Circle Club, Brechtsebaan 264 – 2900 Schoten (Antwerp), Belgium

Photo credit: Couple of Secrets

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