One sexy birthday | Couple of Secrets turns one!


One sexy birthday | Couple of Secrets turns one!

Twelve months ago, Aliki and I were preparing for our once-in-a-lifetime trip to Brazil. Apart from packing thongs and sarongs and poring over Lonely Planet, we also found ourselves planning to try out the swinging scene in Rio, to have sex on the beach and meet a Brazilian couple we had had contact with on Madame O.

It dawned on us that we both share a fundamental belief: that of sexual liberation as an integral part of our relationship. We had been practicing it for years, of course, but only then did it coalesce into an attitude!

Let’s blog about our sexual space!

Our premise was (and still remains) simple: a satisfied couple needs to nurture its sexual space. Sex in a relationship is like any other part of that relationship -it needs to be tended to and discussed openly in order to flourish.

We slowly realised that many of our close friends reacted to this dynamic. At times they were shocked, at others inspired or curious. Be that as it may, they were interested in our ideas. Why not share more?

So, Aliki and I talked, got excited, argued -as is normal when we feel strongly about our ideas- and Couple of Secrets was born.

Now, 365 days and over 80 posts later, it’s time a have quick look back and glance forward:

Our favourite post

Aliki: Spank me Tender has to be it. Not only it refers to the beginnings of our relationship  -by far the steamiest period of my life- but it was also one of my first posts and possibly the most spontaneous one. It basically wrote itself!

Xander: Definitely “The Ring” and its two sequels. It is probably the least sexual of our posts. But our motto includes “…a love story” and the story of Aliki’s ring falls squarely there. Sex is good, but it is love that binds it all and gives it flavour. “The Ring” is all about that flavour.

Our favourite moment

Aliki: Definitely the Couple of Secrets workshop at BXLWakeup Party. Nothing went as we had planned it, but I remember my heart pounding with excitement seeing all these people listening to our stories and, later on, receiving their secret fantasies on paper. Couple of Secrets never felt more alive!

Xander: Sitting at a table at Cabaret Mademoiselle talking with La Veuve. There was something  touching about the frankness of our talk that day. It made me realise how preciously unique each person’s path towards sexuality is.

Our biggest discovery

Aliki: We were discovering things before Couple of Secrets, but the blog gave us an added reason to go out and play. I’ve had so many moments of revelation, it’s difficult to choose! From Mary’s magic tantric touch, to the nipple jewellery of Lady Paname and the hypnotising world of Madame O, all experiences added a layer of eroticism to our sex life.

Xander: My biggest Eureka moment was reviewing OMGYES. These guys have done something truly amazing: bringing together science and data to bare on one of the most mystical objects in the sexual world: the vagina.  I had never truly understood how wondrous the clit is and how many ways there are to please a woman!

Our most awkward moment:

Aliki: Oh, this is easy. While working on our Instagram account, another user dropped us a message proposing to meet up. I played along, thinking I was flirting with a girl, only to discover soon after that in fact it was a Submissive male who wanted to be wrapped in plastic and bundled in a car trunk!  Totally not my thing!

Xander: This must be the moment when a performing stripper chose me to join her on stage at a Prague swingers club (review still in progress). I found myself rubbing ice cubes on her tits in front of an amused audience. I’m still unsure whether this enhanced or destroyed my reputation that night!

The biggest benefit:

Aliki: The most important discovery I made thanks to Couple of Secrets is that our sexual experimentation is not -just- fun. I mean, of course we are horny and we love talking about sex and new experiences. But, more than that, it is an actual conviction, a lifestyle of sorts, that keeps our sexual space open and vibrant.

Xander: By far, the biggest benefit was in our relationship. Writing for Couple of Secrets, has forced Aliki and I to talk even more about our sex life. We have discovered plenty more about each other’s sexuality than we would have without Couple of Secrets. And not only fantasies, but also our limits, fears and difficulties. It has been an exercise in naked honesty and truth!

You’re a part of all this. Tell us more!

In the end, sharing our lifestyle was only part of the journey. The other, larger, part was meeting interesting people and learning how others walk their own unique path towards sexual fulfilment. And we couldn’t have done it without the thousands of people who have read us over this year.

Including you! Thank you from the heart!

We’re looking forward to continuing our journey with you. We deeply appreciate our reader’s feedback; it is encouraging and it helps us produce more relevant material.

On the occasion of our first birthday, we are inviting you to share with us which topics you enjoy reading most and what you would like to see more of!

Have a sexy Sunday and looking forward to hearing from you!

Photo credits: Couple of Secrets

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