Couple sexting: the best thing since hotlines

couple sexting couple of secrets

Couple sexting: the best thing since hotlines

Who said that virtuality is killing our sexual relationships? It gave us couple sexting, one of the contributions of the digital age to a happy sex life. Consider it a sexual enhancement that you and your partner can use to come closer.

– Hey baby, am at the supermarket. Need anything?

– Yes love, bring me ur salami

Messages between Aliki and me often drip with sexual innuendos or hard, in-your-face proposals. And that’s the way I like it. Our mobile phones, for all their much-maligned presence, provide us with a possibility of expressing our passion for each other all throughout the day. I know I could do like my parents used to and call my partner once a day from work. But it is not the same. Couple sexting offers us an intimacy that phone conversations don’t. There is something incredibly hot knowing that Aliki is sending me horny messages when she is at the office. On top of it, in text we express ourselves in a manner that is very different than the verbal.

In many ways, couple sexting is right up the alley of our Couple of Secrets credo: doing all the naughty stuff you ever dreamt of with your partner. When you think about it, it is similar to the pre-video hotlines, when men had sizzling conversations with women they didn’t know (and possibly didn’t even exist!). Only this is free, 24/7, with the love of my life, and with the absolute added advantage that it leads to good sex. Because that’s the other thing about sexting between couples: it serves as a long-drawn foreplay. And we all know what a good foreplay leads to!

– Baby? Can I tell u something?

– Sure, love

– I’m thinking about yest night and need u badly.

– It was goooood! Ur making me horny now!

– Am touching myself discretely… can’t help!

– Go to bathroom and do it on me! And send pic please!

Images add a peep-show layer to couple sexting. The quality of the pictures that Aliki has sent me, taken discreetly under a desk or in the office bathroom, might not qualify them for the Annual Porn Awards. But boy do they up-the ante! A small note on security though: nothing can ruin the libido more than your six-year-old asking why you have a picture of mummy’s hoo-hoo on your phone. So if your child has a habit of playing Minecraft do make sure to either delete the pictures once received or that you save them in a secure photo vault. If you don’t have one already check out this list by Mashable.

If you’re into couple sexting please share with us your best ‘sexts’, we’re always curious. And oh… when you press the send button, do pay attention that it is not your mother-in-law who’s on that receiving end of your indecent proposal!


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