Darling Cabaret, Prague | A review


Darling Cabaret, Prague | A review

A sexy weekend in Prague would not be complete without a visit to Darling Cabaret.

We love to explore the sexy side of the cities we visit and so far we have never been disappointed. As a couple, our visit to Darling Cabaret was in a spirit of erotic curiosity, but it turned out to be a good, fun night out.

Suffice it to say that we made our appearance at the Cabaret in a large white limousine that Darling sent to pick us up. How cool is that?!

darling cabaret prague facade

You cannot miss Darling Cabaret. But in case you do, they can pick you up by limo


The Cabaret and the show

The Cabaret is housed in an imposing neoclassical building a stone’s throw away from the historic Wenceslas Square. The place is gigantic: it includes 4 different bars, 6 stages and 24 private striptease rooms. So, prepare to get lost in a maze of tastefully decorated rooms and corridors seeping sensuality.

The central stage hosts several themed shows every evening. When we visited we were treated to an impressive sequence of performances: lesbian, autoerotic, latex, angels and demons, UV light show, acrobatics, you name it… The stage itself is not very large, but it is bang in the centre of a two-tiered hall and gives the performances an intimate feel. The costumes of the performers are stirring and clearly chosen to fire up the imagination -before they’re completely removed, that is. Indeed, Darling Cabaret has its own fashion costumes collection, partly available for sale too.

Darling Cabaret Couple of Secrets

Aliki in the Limousine


The clientele was polite and discrete and -unsurprisingly- comprised almost exclusively by men. It is, after all, a paradise for stag parties or boys’ night-out. Yet we didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point. Xander was even joking at about how many men might be jealous of him and his cool wife.

“…and how do you know that they don’t think I’m an escort?”

“..even better!”

Yes… we can get rather childish at times!


The girls

I don’t think that we have ever experienced such a high density of sexy women per square meter. Including two of the most exquisite young women I have personally ever seen naked!

When you consider that more than 350 dancers, strippers and party girls pass through Darling Cabaret every evening this is hardly surpising. For the first half hour or so we didn’t know what had hit us! There were women of all shapes and forms, of all ages and colours, for all tastes and occasions. But they all have one thing in common. All girls at Cabaret Darling, from the performers to the waitresses, remained friendly and approachable all throughout. And, while their ultimate aim is to induce you to a table or a private dance, they were not too pushy. 

Darling Cabaret cabaret sexy girls


Value for money

We decided to reserve a table in advance because we wanted to make a good night out of it. It cost us €98 Euros (prices vary between €59 to €39 per person). It is not exactly cheap, but when you consider that we had a table right in the first row and that we got a limousine ride it was not that bad. Drinks were not included and we had to purchase them separately. Reservation is of course optional, but the chances of finding a table around the main stage simply by dropping by are minimal.


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Aliki's opinion
At Darling Cabaret I experienced one of the sexiest scenes of my life: a beautiful, fully-naked dancer twerking her perfectly muscular hips in front of her bedazzled customer's face. The only regret I have is that I didn't get a stripper for a private striptease with Xander. Next time around, I guess!.
Xander's opinion
I particularly liked the variety of models. They weren't all stereotypical 36-24-36 Caucasian girls. It is the kind of inclusiveness and acceptance of the varied beauty of the human body that fits my description of hedonism. Darling Cabaret might not be the Moulin Rouge, but it makes for an alternative, sexy date in Prague.
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Darling Cabaret, Ve Smečkách 597/32, 110 00 Nové Město, Prague, Czechia

Photo credit: Couple of Secrets, Pexels.com


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