Dating your Partner | Dressing up to take your clothes off

Dating your partner couple of secrets

Dating your Partner | Dressing up to take your clothes off

Dating your partner

Are you dating your partner? Dating is one of the most exciting social behaviours. It involves preparing, thinking things through and making a great first impression. The aim? To woo and seduce the other and let yourself be seduced in return, all the time savouring the possibility of what is yet to come. Sadly, for many of us, the dating period ends the moment our relationship starts.

Can you date your long-term partner?

Does it make sense to keep dating your partner after having been together for a few years? Is it even possible? Our experience tells us that the answer to these questions is a resounding double yes! It makes even more sense to date your partner after you have settled together. And yes, it is not only possible but indeed quite desirable to do so!

Here are our five things to pay attention to when dating your partner:

Dressing up for your partner

After a few years, you probably know each other’s wardrobe inside out. Your partner’s collection consists of your absolute favourite, drop-dead pair of jeans, those couple of dresses that are ‘just ok’ and that Star Wars T-shirt you have been doing your best to shrink with each laundry.

In time, you start gauging your partner’s enthusiasm by the garments he or she puts on. When he’s put on his cool white shirt to go out with his friends, somewhere you register it as him wanting to impress others. When she puts on that paisley dress you find barely tolerable for a night out with you, you file her attitude under ‘disinterested’.

Bottom line: what we wear for our partner makes a difference.

dressing up for your partner


Choosing a venue

-Baby? Wanna go on a date this Friday?

I have to admit to getting quite nervous waiting for Aliki’s reply. Would she accept or would she just brush it off, succumb to the tedium of our daily life and opt to stay home in pyjamas? My mobile vibrated a few minutes later. 

-Sure, my love. Where?

 -Fantastic! I’ll take care of it.

When you choose the venue, don’t take her to her favourite restaurant. It’s too easy! Surprise her instead. Even if the food doesn’t match expectations, the effort is appreciated. I keep a list of enticing places I would like to discover and I go through it whenever I am taking Aliki out on a date. It makes life easier. And if I’m not inspired by anything on that list, I consult my single friends. They are a great source of what’s hip and trendy in town.

You don’t have to settle on dining out. It could be a throwback outing to the movies, a club, a jazz joint, theatre, a concert, stand-up comedy… whatever makes it special! My rule of thumb is to prepare the date for her and not for me. It’s not what I would like to do but more what she would appreciate.

Hey babe, I got us tickets to the latest Avengers movie!’ is a line I know would work on Aliki -because, I am lucky- but not necessarily on all girls.

scoring with your partner


Scoring with your partner

‘I like it that you put on your sexy shirt, tonight!’ Aliki told me across the table, giving me the eye.

I felt great (and got the idea for this post). Not only did the compliment come from the woman of my desire but it was accompanied by a lustful shine in her eyes. I knew that I had scored!

It might sound silly. Isn’t it obvious that I would score, given that we have been together for so long? Well, no. Not all. Quite the opposite.

Exactly because we have been in a years-long relationship, because she has seen me at my worst, throwing up, feverish, drunk and wearing that torn Magic: The Gathering T-Shirt I cannot part with, I consider the chances of scoring with Aliki much lower than average. Each time that it happens, I chalk it down as a victory.

The prize? The best sex I can get, from someone who knows exactly what fires me up, gets me hot under the collar and juices me up (or should I say juices me off?)

shaving for your partner


Avoiding a close shave

‘I badly need to shave!’ I whined to Aliki a few weeks ago, scratching my greying beard.

‘Don’t do it next week while I’m away!’ My lover was only half-joking.

Having a bald scalp does not save one from the drudgery of hair removal. For a couple of weeks, I had abandoned my body hair through a combination of lethargy, laziness, and busyness. Aliki likes me clean-shaven -all the way down- but she clearly interpreted that doing so while she’s away would mean that I didn’t quite do it for her.

Now we can go into the psychology of possessiveness and the importance of doing things for oneself. But here I want to focus on doing things for your partner and the positive message it sends out.

I shaved just the evening we were going out. A few hours later, as she unbuttoned my shirt, her breath smelling of sweet Pouilly-Fuissé, I reaped the benefits.

taking your clothes off


Taking your clothes off

Let’s be honest. The short-term aim of most dates is to lure the person opposite you to bed. That does not change when you are dating your long-term partner. Hence the importance of thinking in advance about the moment your clothes come off. Avoid putting on your Kylo Ren boxer short!

Aliki has a wide range of sexy underwear, and I make it a point to add to her collection regularly. I would be vexed if she would only put them on when we go to a sex party or a swingers club. I want her to primarily dress up and take them off for me. Better still, I want to take them off myself!

You have been not wearing any undies for the whole evening?!’

I got an instant hard-on. In the car, I had just put my hands up Aliki’s thighs before getting on the way back home and found out that there was nothing keeping my fingers from touching her wet lips.

There’s nothing better than dating your partner!


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