Erotica | Why real erotic stories are worth writing

erotica in our life and the good erotic stories

Erotica | Why real erotic stories are worth writing

Do you love reading erotica? Why not use quarantine to write your own erotic stories?

When was the last time you indulged in erotica? Reading a good erotic story can be profoundly satisfying and inspirational. Especially during quarantine when we are all immobilized at home anyway. Now, I know the stuck-at-home part is not necessarily as thrilling after the first week or two, but there are lots of creative activities that you normally don’t have time for and that you can devote all the extra time to now.

Erotica is one of them! Erotic stories can be titillating, relaxing and they might even give you some ideas to try out in bed. But mostly, erotica is truly erotic when it is real.

What do you think of seeing your real-life erotic experience published on Couple of Secrets? You don’t need to look far for a good erotic story. We all have our own stimulating experiences from our present or our past, a wealth of sexy stories and unexpected incidents that are worth sharing. What better opportunity than the quarantine to write your own erotica!


“Sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets”
― Andy Warhol


Erotica on Couple of Secrets?

Despite the extra chores, Xander and I also find ourselves with time on our hands these weeks. One of our favorite past-times, you won’t be surprised to hear, is talking about the Couple of Secrets.

So, a couple of days ago, we were on our balcony enjoying the last rays of the sun before sunset and we started talking about the next posts to write. In many ways the blog is our last baby: it’s always in our heart and on our mind, even when we are not actively busy with it. The next topics to write about are a source not only of regular discussion but also of serious questioning and some animosity every now and then -we’re both opinionated!

erotica. Stories to remember for a life time


-I was reading some of our old posts this morning, Xander, and I have to say I really enjoyed lots of them. I wonder, whatever happened to this idea we had in the beginning to include posts of sexy incidents by our readers?

-Which ones do you mean, Aliki?

Unlike mine, Xander’s memory is very selective and he often needs reminding, not the least when we are having an argument!  

-Remember, when we started the blog we had asked for guest posts from friends about sexy incidents from their lives? We had only posted some of them, like Sex and the Office, but I have to say I found them pretty cool.


Definition of erotica

from mid-19th-century Greek ερωτικά (erōtika), neuter plural of ερωτικός (erōtikos).
1/ literary or artistic works having an erotic theme or quality
2/ depictions of things erotic


You never know where you can hear a good original story

Like everyone, Xander and I can’t wait to share a funny incident or a spicy story with our close friends. We are lucky in that respect: most of our friends are globe trotters and have had stormy sex lives. They are an inexorable source of fascinating erotic stories. If we catch K., Xander’s best friend, in the right mood and we have a beer or two, we have good chances that he starts telling us about the time a cougar caught a plane to come to Belgium just to sleep with him. As for G., she doesn’t even need the beers: she can just casually call me to tell me how her latest conquest proposed to buy a chateau and move close to her in Geneva after a steamy night. And even though most of them are settled by now and spend more time counting the hours they managed to sleep at night instead of the number of partners they hooked up with, we still get great pleasure from listening to these adventures.

-These are good posts, Aliki, you’re right. I just loved The Red Light where J. gets picked up at the traffic light by a hot chick from the car next to his. It was hilarious! 

-They are amazing, Xander! But imagine all the stories we haven’t written, all the stories we haven’t even heard yet! It’s such a shame these stories get lost! Couple of Secrets would the ideal way to share them!

erotic stories come to life by sharing - erotica© Honest Erotica


The many faces of erotica 

I know what you are thinking. Erotica? Isn’t this something for adolescent boys and girls? 

To be honest with you, I am not particularly enthusiastic about erotica myself. That’s in fact an understatement. I actually dislike erotica for erotica’s sake. At least the erotica you find online by the kilo. What does fascinate me though are the real erotic stories, the authentic description of sexy incidents that have happened to people around us and have rocked their world.

The truth is also that the term erotica covers such a divergent array of products of such different quality that it’s impossible to pass a verdict on the genre as a whole. Just because you enjoyed Les Liaisons Dangereuses, for instance, doesn’t necessarily mean you had the same feeling towards Fifty Shades or free online erotic stories on Literotica featuring “real cowboys”. 

Erotica and meaning

Erotica and erotic escapism have both a function and a place. Whether it is to break with sexual taboos, in the best-case scenario, or simply for masturbation purposes, a genre as perennial as erotica simply cannot be dismissed as universally flat and meaningless. Although good erotica does aim to excite our senses in some way, it is not restricted to merely that. It’s not only about inducing physical excitement; like art, it touches something more basal and primitive in our souls.

Is the comparison to art shocking? Not necessarily. We do agree that it is possible to portray intercourse in an artistic manner, don’t we? As Fabrice de Bray put it in his interview with us, art is not perceived by everyone in the same way and, most importantly, everything can be portrayed in an artistic way.


“There’s more to the erotic life than explicitness.”
― Jess C. Scott


Your own erotic material

Although we are not avid readers of the style, Xander and I have both been tempted to write erotic stories at some point in time and, in fact, some of our other writing projects include parts that would probably – definitely, coming to think of it – be labelled as erotica. We do enjoy a good sexy story and we often find ourselves sending each other exciting pieces we have stumbled upon here and there.

Instagram and Twitter are a rich source of material -although big chunks of it are admittedly disappointing and crass. Our favorite account for this period is PetitesLuxures. We love the laconic but sensual messages, they are simply sublime! 

Be the hero of your own erotic story

We might think of sex as more exciting on the screen or in a novel where we the director or the writer uses all the tools he has available to set the scene and build up suspense and where sexy things happen to heroes and heroines and not real people. However, the truth is that our own lives are an endless source of inspiration. Our imagination is so much poorer than what happens in real life. So what about using this material to write your own erotic stories? It could be sexy stories about things you have experienced first-hand or it could be funny stories, of things that nearly came to happen and then they flopped. There are no rules to follow, it is your story to tell!

Erotica triangles

© PetitesLuxures

– I obviously don’t want to go into full-blown erotica, Xander. I don’t care for cliche stories with large-busted blondies and cleft-chinned, well-endowed strangers. Nor am I a fan of detailed descriptions of who did what to my husband at the last swingers resort. But wouldn’t it be great if we would invite readers to share their sexy stories with us? And then possibly turn the best ones into posts?

-How is this different from erotica, baby? If we are to invite readers to share their sexual adventures?

-Well, think about it more like a teaser. Nothing too overt. And what counts will be how the storyteller experiences the incident.


“The nature of erotic things is secrecy, otherwise they lose their spell.”
― Björk


What we like -and what we don’t

One of the many things I like about Xander is that, unlike many men, he knows exactly what he likes. He has acquired taste in most of the things he uses in daily life: from his clothes -and mine- to the pictures he takes all the way to the interior decoration he prefers.

I, for my part, am very particular when it comes to words and their meaning -I must have been a grumpy editor in some previous life. The combination of the two of us means that when it comes to Couple of Secrets we have done a lot of soul-searching about what we like and what we don’t like.

We have come to the conclusion that when it comes to erotica, there are a couple of things we try to avoid. First of all, we prefer to call a spade a spade -and a cock a cock. We don’t like covert words, metaphors and symbolisms.

The everlasting sexy memories

On the other hand, as a reader, I don’t need to be presented with the full details of a scene either. Give me some mystery, some excitement. The right distance serves a purpose in erotica.

There can be beauty in the details. There can be beauty in a moment. We all have sex regularly, occasionally even in a perfunctory way, during our whole lives. But we only get to have a handful of moments when we experience transcendence. Moments that make us smile, even years later. Moments that we will remember when we are old and wrinkled.

It could be a look, a moan, an image, a gesture, a phrase that stayed forever in our memory.  Capturing this moment, making this moment relevant for others, is what good erotica is about. It’s what art is about. 

“Poetry is a naked woman, a naked man, and the distance between them.”

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

See your real erotic story published on Couple of Secrets!

So the ball is in your court now: send us a real erotic moment and we will write a story around it and publish it. All credits to you of course!  

We want to know what has moved you and what you have experienced. We would also like to know your sexy stories. And of course we are curious to know which incidents still make you smile.

You know, when something happens and you can’t wait to meet your best friend and tell them all about it? These are the kind of incidents we’d like to hear from you! Don’t worry if you don’t have time to embellish them or if it’s just a paragraph, just a snapshot. As long as it rocked you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Photo credit: Pexels & Unsplash & Noton Modi from HonestErotica & PetitesLuxures

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