Swingers Club Amsterdam – Fata Morgana Review

Fata Morgana Swingers Club Amsterdam

Swingers Club Amsterdam – Fata Morgana Review

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Fata Morgana Swingers Club – Muiden (Amsterdam)

Swingers club amsterdam: what do we think about Fata Morgana? Our first impression of Fata Morgana, Amsterdam was one of elegance and privacy. We got our first view of the swingers club at night, driving along the gravel driveway, lined by tall hedges on both sides. There was something reassuring about the intimacy of the surroundings. Indeed, lying just off the A1, only 20 minutes or so from Amsterdam, the location offers the perfect mix of seclusion and easy access.

Swingers Club Amsterdam: Couple of Secrets Review about Fata Morgana


Swingers Club Amsterdam

The Club

The interior of Fata Morgana is spacious yet cosy. It was just slightly less refined than what we had expected, having seen the grounds, but still of very high quality.

Upon entering we chose to hang around in the sizable dance/bar area where we could have helped ourselves to a decent buffet, had we wanted to. However, in swingers clubs we prefer to keep ourselves light on the culinary side to be fitter to enjoy other things later. Therefore, in all honesty, we cannot comment on the quality of the food. It did, however, look very appetising. Instead we roamed around, drinks in hand, discovering the adjacent quiet area with seats and mattresses and also the swimming pool and adjoining sauna: an ideal place for those who are particularly into steamy sex.

After 11:00, like most of the guests, we visited the changing room, where we duly left our clothes in the lockers and emerged ready to mingle and tingle. The play area of Fata Morgana is a veritable warren of rooms, spread over three floors, where one can engage in couples or multi-couple play. Most rooms have a bohemian finish, complete with red damask-covered walls and come equipped with mattresses, beds, benches and all the sanitary accessories necessary for a veritable naughty night. Some rooms have their own special theme, including a dark room -which, as the name suggests, provides a particular stimulus for the tactile sense- and a light SM room, equipped with a leather and chain swing and other sexy paraphernalia.


Sleeping over in Muiden

If you’re visiting Fata Morgana and you are not from around Amsterdam you will probably need somewhere to sleep. Unless you want to spend a weekend in Amsterdam (and visit the Red Light District) it doesn’t make sense to take an Amsterdam hotel. Hotels and parking are both expensive. We normally stay in Abcoude. We have also stayed once at the Van Der Valk Hotel in Almere. It is very close and of a good standard. The Fata Morgan site suggest also the NH Hotel in Naarden.


Value for money

At €120 per couple, the entry ticket to Fata Morgana is not exactly cheap. However, considering the amenities and the fact that this includes an open bar and a decent buffet, it is acceptable.


Swingers Club Amsterdam: Aliki's opinion about Fata Morgana

{Aliki} –  For me, Fata Morgana will always be the place where I’ve met the girl from Argentina. This Amsterdam club strikes a good balance between party atmosphere and a sensual environment. It is modern -no smelly rooms or old mattresses here- but manages to retain a mystic ambiance. The clientele is very diverse in age and looks, but it is neither sleazy nor arrogant. My opinion? Don’t hesitate to visit Fata Morgana! Prepare your bag and have a fun night out in one of the best swingers clubs around! 


Swingers Club Amsterdam: Xander's opinion about Fata Morgana

{Xander} – I love Fata Morgana. The fact that it was our first step into the lifestyle might have something to do with it. Since then we have visited this swingers club several times and the level of the patronage has been different each time. But it has always been a sexy experience! Before visiting Fata Morgan in Amsterdam, have a look at our tips for visiting a swinger’s club with your partner!


One last word…

The lifestyle, like any other form of sexual experimentation, can be an opportunity to consolidate your sexual space, even if you are not into full swinging. Talk with your partner about your fantasies and limits and check out our tips for visiting a swingers club without risking your relationship.


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Fata Morgana, Rijksweg 15, 1398 PN, Muiden, The Netherlands

 Photo credit: Couple of Secrets 


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