Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

A rare and complex form of superior mirage seen mainly in the desert?

Nope. A swingers club on the outskirts of Amsterdam. And the first stop of our new sexual journey together with Xander some years ago.

Summer was turning into autumn and truth be told, I was thinking very intensely of Xander while drinking cold coffee on the beach with the girlfriends. Of Xander and of other people having sex on top, below and next to Xander.

– ‘Want to go to a place and have sex in public when I come back?’, I texted him with the safety of the 3.000 km separating us.

-‘Sure thing’, he answered promptly and started his research about the swinging scene around this spot of Europe we have called home for the past couple of decades.

One of the best places turned out to be Fata Morgana and it’s in the Netherlands. You have to give it to the Dutch, they might not have the best taste in colour combinations, but they do know how to decorate and how to throw a party. And they are not repressed either.

’The most important thing is to choose a club for couples only’, Xander insisted. Why is that? ´Cause I don’t want rogue men approaching us from all corners. A couple approaching another couple has a different dynamic’.

Alright then. What else did we not want? Sleazy people, sticky floors, the probability of bumping into friends, colleagues and/ or family.

What we did want? An exciting, safe environment. Beautiful people, ready to participate in our fantasies. And to stay together at all times.

Did we find what we were looking for? Mostly yes.

Was it all we were hoping for? Probably not.

Was it exciting? Definitely yes.

Care to hear more about it? Take a look at our full review.

Photo credit: Couple of Secrets

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