3 female sexual advantages (according to a man)

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3 female sexual advantages (according to a man)

By nature I am not a jealous person. But I admit that a couple of female sexual attributes raise a certain amount of covetousness in me. Simply put, from a male perspective there are some serious sexual advantages to being a woman. And these are over and above the seemingly natural ease with which many women kiss and touch each other!

The 3 main female sexual advantages (according to a man)

You can pick your pleasure

Women have effectively been served a pleasure menu by Mother Nature. ‘Hello, today you can choose from a delicious G-spot climax, a mouth-watering vaginal orgasm or our traditional clitoral culmination. If you are feeling particularly ravenous, please help yourself to the whole menu in any order you might prefer!’

And as if three ways of reaching orgasm were not enough, they also come spiced up by a variety of nuances! Just a quick look at the interviews that the OMGYes project has carried out with over 2000 women and you realise that even something as “simple” as clitoral climax can be served in a myriad of different ways (tapping, stretching, circular-movement, brushing, pressing…) and seasoned with different techniques (edging, etc). Just contemplating the implications leaves me breathless!

Please compare this with the “How to Masturbate” page on the male instruction manual, which goes something like this:

  1. Grab penis firmly at the base.
  2. Think of any woman or part thereof (except your immediate family members)
  3. Rub up and down
  4. Repeat step 3 as many times as necessary

Thankfully, we men have a self-protection mechanism that keeps us sane. Our mind prohibits us from comprehending the sheer size of the female pleasure palette. If our brains didn’t dupe us into thinking that the sum of self-administered carnal pleasure is a recurrent vertical gesture we would be leading a life of abject sexual resentment. But ignorance is bliss!

You’ve got all the nerve(s) you need

The female clitoris contains around 8000 nerve endings. That’s about double the number that we men have in the head of our penises (and probably a gazillion more than we have in our actual head). I remember discovering this little fact back in 1999 while watching a performance of Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues, in London. It is a theatre piece that changed the way I view women and which left me wondering what it would feel like to feel twice the pleasure!

Every time I caress Aliki’s 8000 nerve endings, I cannot help but hark back to Ensler’s award-winning lines:

“It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure. The clitoris is simply a bundle of nerves: 8,000 nerve fibers, to be precise. That’s a higher concentration of nerve fibers than is found anywhere else in the male or female body, including the fingertips, lips, and tongue […] Who needs a hand gun when you’ve got a semi-automatic?”

If that is not the motherlode of sexual advantages, I don’t know what is!

You have the Toys-R-Us of sex

Going into sex shops one would be excused to think that this is the Toys-R-Us of female gratification. There are rows upon rows of penis-replacements. And they come in every imaginable size and shape. There aren’t just ‘dildos’. They are G-spot dildos, anal dildos, butt plugs, double-ended dildos, harnessed dildos, strapless dildos supersonic dildos and possibly a few hundred others. Each of these can then be manual, vibrating, remote-controlled, app-controlled, single-speed, multi-speed or completely customized and (allow me to catch my breath) come in a staggering variety of materials: glass, leather, rubber, marble, moulded and most probably titanium plated too. You get the gist. Apparently though, even this is not considered enough because inventors keep coming up with more imaginative ways of making the male 4000 nerve endings entirely redundant, the latest addition being the womanizer.

Compare this offer of sexual advantages with the miserable assortment lying in the straight-male corner: a range of plastic vaginas and boobs that seem to be coming of Family Adams movie (incidentally ‘the hand’ would be a nice addition!) and the only innovation (because I feel generous in my choice of nouns) meant to enhance autonomous male ejaculation: “The Egg”. Who would seriously give such a name to one of the rare sex-toys created for men for the female reproductive organ?!

Ok, I know, I am leaving out the famous “Fleshlight”. But I have not tried it yet. Seriously, though, would you want to stick your honey-stick into a pair of silicone baby-pink labia attached to a pseudo torch-light? I am not surprised that that while the Womanizer website shows women posing with their gadget (who needs a man anyway!), the Fleshlight website also shows female models strangely content with a male sex-toy! Still, one day I might try it and be otherwise convinced.

Photocredit: Coupleofsecrets.com

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