Flirt Swingers Club 2, Rome | A review

Flirt Swingers Club 2, Rome

Flirt Swingers Club 2, Rome | A review

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Flirt Swingers Club 2, Rome | A review

Flirt Swingers Club 2*, in the centre of Rome, is not just another swingers club. The intimate venue is a little jewel just a stone’s throw from Piazza Navona. Decorated in impeccable Italian style, Flirt 2 offers excellent food and drinks and provides the most personalised attention we have ever experienced. The result is an ambiance that combines the best of refined swingers’ clubs and select private sex parties!                       *Flirt Club 1 is outside the city.

Flirt club 2 interior decor

Flirt club 2 is tastefully decorated


Swinging in the centre of Rome 

When we set out to explore the swinging scene in Rome, we didn’t doubt for a minute that Italian swingers’ clubs would be sophisticated and of a high standard. And we weren’t disappointed. 

What we did not expect, though, was a whole new concept of sex clubbing. Flirt club has reinvented swinging, ditching the large-scale organized swinging events in favour of more intimacy, while at the same time maintaining a sexy and charged atmosphere.

G-, the owner, told us that he wants Flirt Club 2 to offer, above all, a convivial, exclusive place that puts people at ease and takes away any pressure.

“I want people to feel comfortable, to treat this as a club first and, if they feel relaxed, have a go at swinging,” he told us over a cocktail.

We can tell you, he succeeds marvelously. Until around 23:00, one of the playrooms is even furnished with lovely sofas and tables, which, after that time, make way to beds and mattresses.

Rome-Flirt- Club-2-Review

Until 23:00 the playrooms of Flirt II are chic lounges


Exclusive swinging and dress codes 

The vetting procedure at Flirt Swingers’ Club 2 is quite strict. Exclusive swingers clubs all have a dress code and there are plenty of establishments that screen their clientele in advance. Flirt Club applies the house rules meticulously to guarantee the level of the patronage.  It is, above all, a swingers club for couples and single ladies, and only a few, select single men are occasionally allowed in. But being a couple does not necessarily guarantee your entry.

We had to pre-register and send an actual picture of ourselves (dressed-up) before getting the final ‘ok’. Xander got seriously stressed about his shoes since our weekend luggage didn’t allow for much variety! 

However, to be fair, communication with the club -via email and WhatsApp- was always swift and cordial, so it didn’t feel over-the-top at any time. 


The club 

Upon arrival, a courteous receptionist explained the rules of the club. There is a system of colour-coded armbands: pink for soft swaps, yellow for couples in search of another woman, black for full swingers. Of course, nothing stops you from adjusting your level of engagement throughout the night.

After a short stop at the wardrobe to deposit our coats, one of the sweet sexy hostesses of Flirt Club took over. It was time to explore the main areas of the Club.

The main part of the club is underground. But don’t imagine for one moment a stuffy and mouldy place. Far from it! A flight of stairs leads from the reception to a cosy seating area, artfully decorated and small enough for patrons to mingle comfortably. The whole club has a distinct homey atmosphere with clear attention to detail, both in the décor and in services.

The bar area features a large couch and a food corner with appetizing Italian antipasti. We don’t usually eat at swingers clubs, but polpo fritto and salmon tramezzini are not your run-of-the-mill club finger food!

Then there is the dance area -where a live DJ and percussionist were performing on the night we visited- and two simple but tasteful playrooms on each side. There are no fancy BDSM accessories in Flirt Club 2: no leather swings, dungeons or wet areas. The playrooms are unpretentious, clean and elegant. And they more than serve their purpose.

Interior flirt club 2 Rome

A live percussionist and DJ playing at Flirt Club 2


Value for money

The first-time entry price for Flirt Swingers Club 2 is quite steep, as it also includes a yearly membership. The entry includes one welcome drink and the food. Overall for your first time, expect a budget of over €200 for a couple, including the drinks.

We didn’t regret the cost though. We had an amazing night and the exclusivity and level of Flirt Club 2 make it well worth it!


One last word…

The lifestyle, like any other form of sexual experimentation, can be an opportunity to consolidate your sexual space, even if you are not into full swinging. Talk with your partner about your fantasies and limits and check out our tips for visiting a swingers club without risking your relationship.


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Aliki's opinion
Our night at Flirt Club 2 was one of our best sex clubbing experiences so far. I will always remember the great mood we were in when we left at 5 am! That, and losing one of my heels on the still busy streets around the Pantheon! Before going to Flirt Club 2, check out what to put in your bag for swingers clubs.
Xander's opinion
Flirt Club 2 has raised our bar when it comes to swinging venues. It might be on the expensive side, but the counter-part is a luxury setting and a select crowd of beautiful people. Before visiting Flirt Club 2, have a look at our tips for visiting a swinger’s club with your partner.
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Flirt Club, Rome – Address upon request

Photo credits: Couple of Secrets, Logo belongs to Flirt Club


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