For the love of women

For the love of women couple of secrets

For the love of women

‘Xander, don’t forget I am going out with Sophie tonight, baby.’

‘Sophie who? The one who almost kissed you when you went clubbing, Aliki?

‘Yes, that Sophie, babe.’

‘Alright! And where are you going?’

If you have already read some of our Couple of Secrets posts, it’s not going to come as a shock to you that I like women. Not all women of course. But certain women excite me with their delicate or bold beauty and the soft and sensual way they move and touch. At the same time, I am in a heterosexual relationship, without which this sexy blog would not even have come to being.

‘I don’t know, Xander, to get some drinks probably?’

‘I see… Listen, Aliki, if you want to bring her home afterwards, I am cool with that. I can even get out of your way and leave you two the bed, if you prefer.’

‘What are you talking about? We are going out for drinks, not on a date!’

‘Are you telling me you’ve never thought of sleeping with Sophie, baby?’


I am not a lesbian. And I know that because, despite liking women, I like men more (and one man in particular!). I don’t consider myself bisexual either. This I keep repeating to the great amusement of Xander who cannot help teasing me every now and then:

‘Aliki, I’ve seen you kissing and making out with women. I’ve seen how they are in your arms. Admit it already, babe, you like women!’

Of course, I do. I’ve never claimed the contrary. But to me there is a vital difference between a woman who has a full erotic and emotional relationship with another woman and somebody like me, who just enjoys sex with women. I don’t think I could ever be in love with a woman; want to be just with her, as I want to be with Xander.

I am not saying such a thing could never happen to me. I understand that people and their sexuality evolve and can even be fluid. I am just saying it hasn’t happened so far. Which at our age probably means something. And, the truth is, I have never really wondered about where my sexuality is heading to or how I should call myself. Who needs labels anyway?

I know that Xander is mostly asking after my friend Sophie because we enjoy playing with the fantasy. Xander knows very well that I am sexually satisfied in our relationship. At the same time, I confess I feel lucky to have a partner with whom we have the freedom to discuss any fantasy I have. As for women, swingers clubs and private parties offer an excellent opportunity to interact with them as much as I desire.

‘I am just saying, baby, that if you’d feel like going on a date and sleeping with a woman, it’d be fine with me. As long as you don’t do it behind my back and you don’t fall in love with her… and it doesn’t happen often.’

‘I’ll keep it in mind, Xander. But just so we are clear, mister: you don’t get the same privileges in return!’

Photocredit: Cristina de la Mader

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