The changing room

The changing room

I am standing in a corner of the room, in front of the big ornate mirror of Fata Morgana. Fixing my make up. The music from the dance floor is pounding in my ears. The place is tastefully decorated, though I will never take a liking to the concept of mixed changing rooms.Xander is very amused each time I mention it:

-‘Seriously, Aliki, you are in a swingers club. What did you expect? Boys’ and girls’ rooms?’

I shrug him off. He is not the one installing delicate garter belts and suspenders and putting on lacquer lipstick and eyeliner. A girl needs some privacy!

Where is Xander, by the way? He stayed behind at the bar. He lost his clothes earlier, staying in boxer shorts and T-shirt. I, on the other hand, had hesitated to appear already in underwear. I prefer to get undressed only when a critical mass of people has done so as well. When the girls next to us though made an entrance in thongs and only pasties on their breasts, I turned to Xander:

-‘Ok, baby, I’ll go loose the skirt now.’

As I am fixing the scarlet lipstick in the big mirror, my eyes drift to a couple behind me. They are checking themselves out in the mirror. They are rather good looking, him with broad shoulders and his face half buried in her black hair and her, slender and possibly half Asian, with beautiful almond shaped eyes. She is wearing a black lace body and she is examining her image. I notice her patting awkwardly on her belly and turning to say something to her partner.

I cannot help turning around and telling her, you look beautiful, don’t be silly. It’s not an empty compliment, I mean it. She is incredibly sexy!

-‘I am telling her the whole time’, her partner tells me silently as I set off on my stilettos to put the makeup pouch in our locker.

It’s one of the lockers at floor level. As it happens, the guy with the locker above mine is standing in front of his locker, undressing, and obstructing access to mine. Shit. Who ever came up with the idea of common changing rooms!

He looks at me amused. His eyes scan me quickly from top to bottom.

-‘I need my locker’, I mumble apologetically.

He takes a stride back and lets me pass. As I kneel to reach the damn locker, I hear him behind me:

-‘You don’t need to get down on your knees for me, darling. Not yet at least. You never know what happens later.”

I check him out. Small posture, red hair turning grey, beady eyes. In your dreams, mister.

As I make my way to the hall leading to the dance floor, I see Xander coming towards me.

-‘Where have you been, love? I was worried.’

He takes my hand in his.

-‘Oh, just changing.’

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