JNaja Cockring | Adult product review

JNaja Cockring | Adult product review

JNaja Cockring | Independent adult product review

Hi, guys, this is Aliki from Couple of Secrets, and we will be reviewing this beautiful cockring here: the JNaja. Xander has tried it on and both of us have become fans.

Who needs a cock ring?

I have to admit that up until a few months ago we thought that only men with erection problems were interested in cock rings. It only took a short interview with Jelle Plantenga to change our minds.

Now Jelle is not only the designer of this beauty here but also a firm believer in wearing cock rings. Why? Mostly because of the feel-good factor. Wearing a cock ring makes a man more aware of his “package”. Xander agrees. He tried it on at a lifestyle club in Amsterdam recently and he loved it.

‘Cockrings’ is, in fact, a generic term that covers penis rings, scrotum rings and perineal rings. Cock rings are like any other sexy wearable: they boost your confidence and make you more aware of your sexuality. And if you think that cock rings are only for men you’re wrong: I can tell you that I was very excited by the image of Xander wearing the JNaja and I felt him more intensely during sex.

Unpacking the JNaja

The JNaja costs around EUR 60 (depending on the VAT) and comes in this simple but stylish box. On the outside you have instruction on how to put it on – we will look into that later. It is worth clarifying that this is a perineal ring – it doesn’t encircle only the base of your cock but the whole package – the balls included.

Let’s have a look inside shall we? So, this is the JNaja. It is 3D printed from polyamide material, ensuring an ergonomic feel. The finishing is slightly rough – especially compared to the metal rings. This, however, has its advantages and gives you a different feel. If you are like me, you are probably wondering how on earth am I going to fit both my cock and my balls in there. Let’s check that out.


Wearing the JNaja

As I said before, The JNaja is a perineal ring. That means that this circle, here, goes around both your balls and your cock. That’s right – the whole package.

It might look bit small – and there are different sizes of course – but the whole point is that it is not too loose. It has to be tight enough for you to feel its grip, without experiencing any pain or discomfort. This protruding bit, here, goes under your balls and touches your perineum.

The best way to put this cockring on is to start by placing the balls in first and only then slide your cock through. A rookie mistake is to put it on when you already have a hard-on – it is extremely difficult, if not impossible – I know because I tried! You have to put it on while your cock is still soft.

You can keep a ring like the JNaja on for several hours as long as you are comfortable. You don’t have to wear it only during sex. I recently put it on for a dinner out with Aliki and it felt very sexy. Aliki was also very turned on by the idea that her man was wearing a cock ring all night. The Psychology of sex, right?

Sex with the JNaja on is, of course, also possible. It is an entirely different sensation, not only for him but also for her, as her clit rubs against the ring.

When it comes to taking off the JNaja, you should ideally wait for your cock to relax a bit. I find that doing it in the shower, after sex, with some lubrication does the job really well.


How wear the JNaja. Image © Velv’Or


So, guys, thank you for following our review of the JNaja cockring. I hope you found it interesting. If you have any questions or feedback check out our blog or write to us at [email protected]. I wish you a sexy day and stay tuned for more videos from Couple of Secrets.

This is an independent review. We have not received any payment or any other form of compensation for this review. The supplier may have provided us with a free sample of the product for the purposes of this review.

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