Killing Kittens Amsterdam

Killing Kittens Amsterdam

Killing Kittens’ first party in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is enticing by night: international, shiny, clean and with a hint of luxurious decadence. It makes for an excellent party atmosphere. The party we are off to tonight is different. For starters, it’s a party venue, not a swingers club, just off the centre of Amsterdam. And it’s the first party organized on our side of the Channel by Killing Kittens.

Killing Kittens London

So far, we have only been to one other Killing Kittens party in London. It hasn’t been disappointing, but not what we had expected either. The mansion it was organized in was spectacular: spacious and classy. The people attending the party well above-average in beauty, with impressive costumes and masks. The drinks and oysters exquisite. Yet there was something off. By the end of the evening, Xander and I had put our finger on what was disturbing us. For many party-goers the party appeared to have been a social outing, attracting people who are not into sex but are there just because it’s the in thing to do. The party in London has left us with mixed feelings. Despite this aftertaste and since they had taken the trouble to come to our backyard, we decided to check out what they were presenting in Amsterdam.

The setting of the party

And this time around we are not to be disappointed. Arriving at the industrial-looking venue by the water, we are greeted informally by a typical Dutch blond beauty.

‘Aliki, so nice to see you! This must be Xander! Hope you two have a great time tonight!’ she exclaims like she had been expecting us personally.

I know it’s the centre of the world’s flower trade we are talking about, but the multiple flower centrepieces and the wild garlands over the dimly-lit bar are simply otherworldly. Same goes for the delicate bright-coloured daisies the bargirls are wearing on their breasts as nipple pasties.

We are sipping on our first drink, wandering around and chatting with other people. We are definitely not the only ones curious to witness Killing Kittens debut in the country of Fata Morgana and Fun4Two.

As the party warms up, more and more performers start making their appearance. A woman dancing at the pole is casually defying gravity to the beats of the best house DJ I have heard in the past decade. A couple of lean muscled young dancers with dark full-body make-up are dancing around her. They are only wearing a soft fabric covering their sex and though they are too young and boyish for my taste, I cannot take my eyes off them. A Satyr with ornate jeweled horns and kohl-lined almond-shaped eyes is parading on high-heeled sandals, his eyes focusing briefly on Xander.

Sexy night out

As I detach myself from Xander’s side to visit the large mirrored toilettes, I gaze up in awe to the semi-circular water tank where a half-naked girl is dancing, the water distorting the image of her long legs.

A Dutch guy, tanned and smart in his elegant costume, smiles at me.

‘Impressive isn’t she?’ he tells me as he moves on to join an embraced couple of women installed on a velvet couch. The night is only beginning. We have not yet met the woman Xander named the Nymph.




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