Lady Paname erotic shop | A review

Lady Paname Brussels Erotic shop

Lady Paname erotic shop | A review

Lady Paname is one of the oldest erotic shops in Brussels and renowned for its stylish approach to sex products.

We came across Lady Paname on a rainy day while looking for a particular Brazilian restaurant in the historic centre of the Belgian capital.  A tasteful shop window, presenting sexy masks and underwear caught our attention. We simply had to walk in and check out this little jewel!


The boutique 

Lady Paname is situated just a couple of minutes’ walk from the Grand Place and the lively LGBTQ area. This small boutique is decorated in an alluring bohemian style. Crystals on the vitrine, sensuous items hanging on the walls, erotic fragrances: they all create a very sensual setting reminiscent of Toulouse-Lautrec’s Paris. You are bound to get engrossed in the luscious atmosphere of the shop, leaving bad weather and all behind.

Lady Paname Brussels sex shop


The collection

At the time of our first visit, we were on the lookout for sexy clothing to wear in lifestyle clubs. While Lady Paname does not concentrate particularly on clothing, it carries a hand-picked selection of sexy underwear, including lace, satin, pearls, and latex. We even found a couple of hot boxers for straight men – which is a rarity! 

Their collection of breast ornaments, on the other hand, is extensive. Nipple pasties, crystal tattoo stickers, dangling nipple jewelry… Aliki had a hard time choosing! She finally went for a hanging teardrop jewel that tightens around the erect nipple. They look terribly hot when worn and have the extra advantage of keeping the nipple nice and firm.

Lady Paname also has a large selection of ornamental anal plugs, of different materials and varied decorations. We hesitated between buying one of them or one of the many kinky leather chokers they had on display.  In the end, though, we went for a bottle of fine jasmine massage oil confectioned in a lovely glass bottle. Lady Paname’s selection of sensual oils is of very high quality and if you need some advice, Lady Paname herself -the boutique owner-  is very knowledgable on the matter. 

In the end, whether you are looking for sexy underwear, massage oils, massage candles with essential oils, nipple ornaments, chokers, whips, anal plugs, Venetian masks or just for seeking inspiration, Lady Paname is the right place to be. 



Prices normally reflect the quality of the products and there’s no doubt Lady Paname offers high quality. That said, we didn’t find the prices to be extravagant. We first visited the boutique during sales and got a 250 ml bottle of massage oil at 25 euros (half the original price). Just shy of 50 euros, the nipple jewels were more on the expensive side, but they are a special item and we didn’t regret it. 

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Aliki's opinion
One of the most pleasant erotic shops I have ever visited. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for tasteful sexy accessories or just fresh sexy ideas. Lady Paname herself and her colleagues are always ready to share their knowledge. A true magasin de charme!
Xander's opinion
Lady Paname will always be the erotic shop that provided the object of ‘A Dangling Surprise’. The moment I stepped through the doorway it was truly like walking into a world of charm and sensuality.
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Lady Paname, Rue de Grands Carmes 5, 1000 Brussels

Photo credit: Lady Paname

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