Swingers Club London – Le Boudoir Review

Le Boudoir Swingers Club London

Swingers Club London – Le Boudoir Review

Le Boudoir – Swingers Club London

Situated in Aldgate East, Le Boudoir styles itself as being one of the best swingers clubs in London. Being very curious, we went to find out for ourselves. Spread over three floors and complete with a dungeon, Le Boudoir does not disappoint. It is bang in the heart of a metropolitan city, large and with a well-groomed clientele.

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The Club

Le  Boudoir Swingers Club is situated in a very discreet location along Whitechapel High Street. A location so subtle, that we walked past the dark, wooden door twice before realising that it was the club’s entrance. There is no sign, just an inconspicuous label defining the place as a yoga studio. It is all a matter of perspective…


As soon as the door buzzed open, we found ourselves in a small reception where we could leave our coats and bags. True to British standards, the welcome was efficient and to the point. Once the short formalities were over, we were let into the main area. This is a vast space with sofas and low tables, a small dance area at the end.

The rest of the club is a veritable warren of rooms. Two corridors lead away from the dance area: one towards a handful of lockable playrooms and the other towards the dungeon. The latter is the highlight of the club.

Le  Boudoir is housed in a building that used to be a bank. This means that its dungeon comes complete with two original vaults and their old iron gates, still in place. Behind one there is a play area with benches around, while the other houses a leather swing. That is not all. The dungeon includes various other sexy contraptions, including a BDSM St. Andrew’s cross, a dark room and a glory hole.

The main play area of Le  Boudoir is situated upstairs, accessible through the seated area at the entrance. It is a sizeable room, with a low bed big enough to allow a dozen or so couples to interact simultaneously. There is also a curtained part with three smaller couches next to each other.  

london boudoir swingers club

Registering for Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir takes registration very seriously, which is, frankly, reassuring. In order to visit the club, you have to apply for a membership online in advance and provide pictures. Acceptance is not automatic. Only once you are accepted as a member can you buy the tickets for their events. Entrance tickets are for sale on Eventbrites.com. Make sure to give the correct information when you register online. If your details do not match the official identity documents that you present at the entrance, you will have to pay a surcharge to be let in.

No alcohol… we’re Brits

Le Boudoir does not sell or provide any alcohol –most probably it has to do with its licensing. Patrons, however, are encouraged to bring their own bottles. You can leave your favourite liqueur at an apposite area so that you can have both hands free for more serious stuff. Just make sure to write your name on the bottle to avoid confusion. The club provides water and mixers free of charge.

Let me entertain you…

Imagine a short man, dressed in an immaculate white shirt and dark trousers, holding a skimpily dressed goddess by a collar and chain. Every so often, the pair invite a woman from the couples around to experience some pleasure on the St. Andrew’s cross. The pair tie the ‘victim’ to the cross, blindfold her and then proceed to playfully but skilfully titillate her senses: blowing air on her nipples, applying various kinds of gels and massaging her most intimate parts. All this, in front of the other lusting patrons. Judging by the moaning of the women on the cross, the entertainers were doing a great job. There were so many volunteers that there was no place for Aliki!

le boudoir swinger club London review


We found the majority of the patrons of Le Boudoir to be well-groomed, as one would expect given that there is a screening process. People were friendly and it did not take long for regular patrons to walk up to us and introduce themselves. There is absolutely no pressure to engage or perform. Compared to most of the continental clubs we’ve visited people are so cautious on the dance floor that you wouldn’t even say you are at a swingers’ club! Even in the playrooms, couples engage with each other only if there has been prior consent. You don’t just stretch and arm and touch your neighbour.

Value for money

Entry to the Club for a couples-only Saturday event costs £70.00 per couple and  £20.00 for single ladies. This does not include the yearly membership fee. Unlike other all-inclusive clubs on the continent, the price doesn’t include food or alcohol. It is a tad expensive, but then again it is based in London and it does allow you to bring your own alcohol.

Swingers Club London: the conclusion

One last word…

The lifestyle, like any other form of sexual experimentation, can be an opportunity to consolidate your sexual space, even if you are not into full swinging. Talk with your partner about your fantasies and limits and check out our tips for visiting a swingers club without risking your relationship.


Le Boudoir
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Aliki's opinion
Le Boudoir was an experience for us! The swinging etiquette was clearly different than what we are used to and we didn't mingle as much as usual. That said, the atmosphere was so arousing, Xander and I had our hottest one on one sex ever in a club! Before going, check out what to put in your bag for swingers clubs
Xander's opinion
I particularly liked the sexy atmosphere in the dungeon. Perhaps the fact that it used to be a bank vault had something to do with it! Before visiting Le Boudoir Swingers Club in London, have a look at our tips for visiting a swinger’s club with your partner!
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Le Boudoir  Whitechapel High Street, Aldgate East, London E1 7PS

Photo credit: Main picture: © Le Boudoir , insets by Alexander Krivitskiy from Pexels



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