Love at first write

Love at first write

If this blog were a boat, this post would be the Dom Pérignon tied to the ribbon, hurtling towards the prow. Unfortunately, as things are, we can only celebrate the launch of our blog using words rather than bubbles!

Like most bloggers, we consider this site as ‘our baby’. Its contents are true to who we are and this will always be the case, for as long as it lasts. That is our promise. Some readers might love it, others might not. That, we cannot control. But we can control what we pour into it, and we want to fill it only with our authentic experiences as we nurture the sexual space between us.

We hope to touch readers out there, who, like us, absolutely refuse to settle for the category of ‘humdrum couple’. Instead, we want to keep our sexual relationship alive and bubbling. Together, we want to push boundaries that we would have never dared push on our own  -tethered by the safety-net of our love. The fact that we both have children is not a deterrent. On the contrary, it gives us the emotional grounding that we need.

Like all love stories out there, ours has had its own unique path. It has been quite an adventure and, as the blog grows, some of our posts here will surely divulge that story. We look forward to take you with us on that journey.

Couple of Secrets will not be a one-way street. Our exploration of the libertine world has brought us in touch with many interesting individuals and couples. With some of them we shared a bed, with others just a kiss and with others still simply a few words, but each experience was unique and enriching. So we hope that this blog will bring us in touch with more of you fantastic people out there. You have remarkable experiences too and we would love to get to know them.

Photo credit: Christina de la Madera. Model: Aliki

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