Male sex toy review | Handy

A review on the Handy: the new male sex toy

Male sex toy review | Handy

Truly innovative male sex toys may be rare, but Handy gives penis-owners something to truly delight in: a great handjob.


TLDR: Handy is a male sex toy that brings real innovation to male sexual pleasure and adds new sensations to masturbation. The device is sturdy, well-designed and comes with Smart WiFi controls that simplify its use.

Pros and Cons of the Handy

Main Pro: Definitely the feeling! Handy’s simulation of a handjob, including the adaptations in stroke, hold and thrust, is nothing short of impressive.

Main Con: While incredibly well-designed, Handy remains a rather chunky toy. It is relatively heavy and needs to be plugged into a wall socket.

What are the main pros of the male sex toy Handy

Our detailed, independent review of Handy 


I have often expressed my disappointment with the lack of variety (and quality) in male sex toys. So, when the guys at Handy offered to send me one over to try out, I was intrigued. A handjob machine? Would I be convinced?

I am a tough one to please -only Aliki knows how to- and I am particularly exacting on sex toys. I want them to be beautifully designed, of good quality, easy to use and non-intrusive. I am a dream Beta tester!

When one morning, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, the courier guy delivered a packet, I had very modest hopes. So much so, that I didn’t open it for a week (sorry Handy guys!)

Since the moment I tore open the package, though, I have to admit that Handy has become a regular fixture in my private sexual time. I confess, hand on heart, that Handy comes close to ticking all the boxes on my long check-list of what makes a good sex toy for men.


What’s in the box of this male sex toy?

Handy comes in a stylish box more reminiscent of silicon-valley than porn-valley. And indeed, it does combine some cool tech with sexy pleasures.

Inside, there is the Handy itself, together with the TrueGrip™ sleeve and the power supply neatly tucked next to it. You will also find a few samples of lubricant and a user manual.

Handy: a sex toy for men

A beautiful and strong handjob

By now I have tried Handy quite a few times and I can safely say that it largely delivers on its two promises: a) giving you mind-blowing orgasms and b) being the most advanced male sex toy (more on that later).

The first striking thing about Handy is its minimalist and elegant design. At first glance, it looks like something that would sit nicely on a shelf in your living-room.

It is no surprise, really. Handy was designed in Norway, and remains true to a long Nordic tradition of sleek, minimal and functional design. 

Thanks to the adjustable TrueGrip™ Band, Handy grips your cock at the preferred height: grabbing you by the base or rubbing you closer to the head.

The length of the stroke is also adjustable. You have the option to alternate between extended movements or shorter jerks.

The maximum stroke span is 4.5″ (11cm) – if that doesn’t serve you well, you have a promising career in the porn industry!

As all penis-owners would know, variation in speed is key to a good handjob. With a maximum speed of 10 strokes per second -at least that’s what the makers claim – Handy is, in this sense, more powerful than any human partner that you may ever have.

What I found most impressive, though, was the way Handy appears to adjust its intensity when you ejaculate. It felt just like a partner would, as she or he accompanies you spurt after spurt until you settle back.

I don’t know how the wizards at SweetTech did it, but boy it feels great!



How does Handy work?

The real innovation behind Handy is its TrueGrip™ band and the programming behind it. The Handy itself acts as an electronic arm, with the TrueGrip™ band and the sleeve mimicking a human hand.

Set up is very easy. You plug in the Handy, slide your penis into the sleeve -with or without lube- and adjust the TrueGrip™ band at the desired height. After that, you’re set to go.

The masturbator comes with a LED indicator, an off/on button and a simple D-pad. These directional buttons control the speed (left/right button) and the stroke (up/down button). 

It was a bit of a nuisance to fiddle with the D-pad in the dark and in the heat of the moment – and this from a guy for whom the PlayStation control pad is second-nature. Thankfully, however, Handy comes with Smart WiFi controls that allow you to bypass the D-pad and control everything from the touch-screen of your mobile phone.

And here’s where it gets really cool: the Handy can mirror the movement of your mobile. If you want a quicker stroke, simply shake your mobile up and down, and your masturbator will follow! At the time of writing, the Smart WiFi is still in Beta version, but what it can already do looks promising. 

SweetTech AS, the manufacturer of Handy, also promises future firmware updates that will “make the product new” with additional features and optimization. If these guys keep their word, Handy would truly be one heck of a male sex toy!

How does the sex toy for men Handy work?


A male sex toy for couples

Now, this is a real treat. We are used to female vibrators that can be controlled by partners – whether they’re next to you in bed or half-way across the world. It is, however, the first time I own a male masturbator that does that!

Aliki and I give a lot of importance to sex toys that allow for couple play (you are reading Couple of Secrets after all!). They are relationship enhancers.

Owning a male sex toy that my partner can control while quite literally playing with me, is a substantial bonus. Aliki can choose to give me a handjob herself or control Handy to do it. Pretty cool!

At the moment the controls are pretty basic. The guys at SweetTech, however, are promising a companion APP which, I expect, will enhance this experience. I look forward to it!


Is Handy the most advanced male sex toy to date?


There’s no sure-fire way of confirming SweetTech’s claim, but judging from what I have seen, Handy is pretty cutting edge. 

The best feature of Handy is that it is ‘Internet of Things’ ready. This means that the device can connect to other IoT gadgets, effectively turning Handy into a male sex toy that can truly evolve over time!

There is no limit. In the future, Handy can be made to connect to VR head-sets, Google Home, AI virtual assistants and even your Robot vacuum cleaner if you so wish (and I hope yours has good suction power!). 

“Alexa, darling, would you please give me a handjob?”

Can’t wait! Would Siri be jealous, I wonder? 

Part of that future is already here. This summer, SweetTech has released ‘video sync’. This feature is meant to sync your Handy with porn movies, adjusting the movement with what you are watching. 

At the time of writing, I haven’t tried it, but I will do so at the first opportunity and tell you about it. 


What is Handy not good for?

No product is perfect. Sex toys are no exception.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of Handy is its reliance on a power supply. This makes it a bit unwieldy and eliminates completely the possibility of using it in a wet environment, like a bath.

At the same time, I cannot see how the designers could have achieved the power and firmness of Handy’s handjob with a battery. All in all, given the current state of battery technology and the choices that designers have to make, it seems to me like an acceptable trade-off.


Value for Money

At $159/189  – plus shipment cost – Handy certainly requires an investment. Given the sturdiness of its design, the quality of its performance and the future-proofing promised through regular firmware updates and IoT readiness, the price is understandable.

Still, it will only be an option if you are looking for a top-end toy and have the budget for it.


Read the review on the new Handy

Male Sex Toy Review: The Handy at a glance


Control system

The Handy has a D-Pad on the upper part that allows you to change the speed and the stroke. While this may be a tad unwieldy at times, the Smart WiFi option gives you the possibility of using your mobile to control Handy via haptics.

Couple or solo use

Smart Wifi allows your partner to play with you. This a significant plus point, which should be further enhanced by the upcoming companion App. Furthermore, this feature also makes it a sex toy for couples.

Quality features

  • Sturdy product, beautiful design.
  • High performance.
  • IoT ready and firmware update possible via WiFi.


Our rating of The Handy
4.4 / 5 Our score
{{ reviewsOverall }} / 5 User score (1 vote)
-Realistic feeling that adjusts to the different phases of masturbation.
-Powerful grip.
-Modern, minimalist design.
-High-quality materials and sturdy product.
-Partner play possible via Smart WiFi.
-IoT readiness makes it future-proof and opens a world of possibility.
-Updatable firmware.
-Needs to be plugged into a wall socket.
-Slightly noisy.
-Too bulky and heavy for convenient travel.
-Not waterproof.
Sexy factor
Value for money


Couple of Secret’s verdict

When I need a handjob, Aliki remains my one and only. But Handy most definitely comes in at a close second and has the added advantage that it allows Aliki to play with me too!

If you are thinking of investing in a high-end sex toy for men (and other penis-owners) you cannot go wrong with Handy. It is built to perform, to last and, more importantly, to give tons of pleasure. 

Have you tried Handy? Did it work for you? Let us know about your impressions and rate the product below!

Where to buy Handy from.

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