A silly sexy night out

A silly sexy night out

Xander and I are having a sexy night out. The atmosphere in the club is hot. There are plenty of steaming moaning couples as we are wandering around the corridors of Fata Morgana. It’s a busy evening. Sex is literally in the air.

But Xander and I are in a silly mood. So far, tonight we are more into cracking jokes and teasing each other than engaging into anything sexy. It doesn’t happen to us often, but every now and then we get these moments of frivolous puberal behaviour and I have to admit that I enjoy them to the full. Why should lovers always be serious?

After a couple of drinks and some fooling around at the bar, we decide that since we are here anyway, we might as well check out the playrooms and search for a cozy corner. We are not quite sure we are up to joining the action yet and we are being very picky. But we know well that appetite comes with eating.

‘What about this room, Xander? Oh, oh, look! The armchair in front of the mirror looks so sexy, doesn’t it?’

‘Are you kidding me, babe? Forget the armchair! Did you see the only other couple in the room? I know you are into palaeontology, but this is not the moment to go after fossils!’

I try to keep my giggling silent. Ok, then, forgetting the sexy armchair as we speak. How did I miss that? We move slowly along the busy corridor and I feel a hand squeezing my butt, softly but firmly. It can’t be Xander’s, he is too far ahead. A guy winks at me and then disappears into the crowd the very next moment, before I decide whether I want to be prissy about him touching my ass unannounced.

The peep-hole room is up next. It’s already full -too full for my taste- but I still pause to take a look, always fascinated by the fragmented view of body parts on top of and into each other. Wait a second! Is this couple having sex sitting so far away from each other? How gifted must this guy be for him to reach her anyway? Oh, I see, there is another person in between them, that makes more sense.

Suddenly, as I am watching concentrated, I feel a hairy arm making its way across my back and a musky perfume hits my nostrils. What’s wrong with guys tonight, I am thinking to myself, in the split second it takes for my eyes to look at the body attached to the arm. Oops, it’s a woman. Voluptuous curves, heavy make-up and arms muscular enough to make Xander jealous. She is looking at me with overly suggestive eyes.

‘Do you feel like playing with me?’ she asks hoarsely, indiscriminately stretching all vowels as she speaks. Her lips and bosom are much closer to my face than I’d care.

I turn towards Xander who is usually the more quick-witted of the two of us in socially awkward situations. Not this time around. His face vaguely reminds me of Munch’s Scream. Nope, no help there. And then, ever so smoothly, I have a rare epiphany. I casually sweep the non-existing sweat off my forehead and smile sweetly.

‘Thanks, but I think we might need a break first.’

Photocredit: Unsplash

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