OMGYES review 2020 | The Inner Pleasure Collection 

OMGYES review 2020 | The Inner Pleasure Collection 

OMGyes has interviewed thousands of women on their sexual preferences and produced the most extensive online database of techniques for female sexual pleasure. This is our of OMGyes review – 2020


OMGYES REVIEW 2020 – The OMGyes review was one of our first on Couple of Secrets. Back then, we had just discovered this inspired project and the extensive research it carried out with the feedback of more than 20.000 women, aged 18-95. The plethora of information on female sexuality was dazzling! 

For the first time ever, OMGyes analysed and categorised female pleasure in a factual, yet playful, way. Users of OMGyes can familiarise themselves with the different sexual pleasure techniques through a highly efficient interface. Each module allows you not only to visualise the proposed techniques but even to practice them on the screen.

OMGyes Review 2020


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OMGyes review 2020

In 2020 OMGyes released Season 2, which they called ‘The Inner Pleasure Collection’. They also renamed their Season 1 as ‘OMGyes Original’. But first, what makes OMGyes so special?

Real women, real learning

OMGyes shows you real women explaining -and demonstrating on your screen- what they like and exactly how they like it. Nothing is left to the imagination here, the shame-free demonstrations leave no margin for misunderstanding. By portraying sexual acts in such a detailed way, OMGyes seeks not to excite but to educate users in the intricacies of female pleasure.

Think of OMGyes as an online encyclopedia for female sexuality, a go-to website you consult whenever you are curious to discover more about how female pleasure works or whenever you feel simply like trying something new. We promise, it is as amazing as it sounds!

Think of OMGyes as an online encyclopedia for female sexuality.

OMGyes Season 2 – The Inner Pleasure Collection 

When OMGyes Season 1 was published some years ago, it was an instant hit. Here was a project that finally put female sexual pleasure at the centre of attention and looked into it in detail. The results were staggering: female sexual pleasure is infinitely more nuanced and varied that had ever imagined! So much so, that OMGyes had to create new words to describe techniques that had never been described before.

To be fair, after having experienced OMGyes Season 1 – The Original and read all about Edging, Hinting and Framing, we were somehow sceptical about a sequel. I mean, surely, nothing could be as impressive as the Original, could it? 

When Season 2 -Inner Pleasure Collection- came out we were curious to see what is on offer.  The first thing we discovered is how presumptuous and wrong we were. Season 2 is -if possible- even more informative and relevant to our sex-life than Season 1. You see, while Season 1 focuses on external stimulation, Season 2 plunges into the depths of vaginal pleasure. Moreover, on users request, Season 2 is more couples-oriented than Season 1. Fancy a preview?

OMGyes Season 2 Trailer from FGS on Vimeo.


What can OMGyes do for you? 

The advantage of OMGyes is that it gives a name and examines techniques you partly already apply yourself intuitively -and possibly even unconsciously. So why bother buying access to it, you might wonder? Because by systematically dissecting these techniques, OMGyes makes you more aware of them, allowing you to get down to practising what interests you most.

It’s a great way not only to discover your own -or your partner’s- body, but also to have many hours of fun in bed. Think of it as a bonding experience with your partner, like discovering a new favourite tv series. Well, a very pleasurable kind of series! 

Xander and I have spent hours and hours in bed trying new techniques and although not all of them worked for us, some of them had an explosive effect. And we always sincerely enjoyed the anticipation and the thrill of going exploring under the sheets! 

User Interface

One of the things you have to admire about OMGyes is its user-friendliness. It’s not a simple task to present such an avalanche of information on female sexuality and keep your audience’s attention. Yet that’s exactly what OMGyes does through its interactive interface and a combination of videos and animation.

Every part of the experience is thought through. Wherever verbal descriptions get complicated and demanding, animations explaining the proposed technique come to the rescue -ever so factual and stylish. As for the brave women who demonstrate the moves of every module on their own body, they come across as so honest, down-to-earth and utterly likeable, that you feel like they could be your friends! 

OMGYES review 2020 - what can you learn from OMGyes

The different modules of OMGyes Season 2

Just like Season 1, OMGyes 2020 release is structured around different modules, each handling a different technique, in order to catalogue the spectrum of female pleasure as fully as possible. Here is a selection of the ones we liked most for our OMGyes review 2020.

Shallowing – The first couple of centimetres and why they matter

Shallowing is one of my personal favourites; Xander was a bit sceptical in the beginning. However, since he humoured me and saw the effect it had on me, he has become a fan as well! 

We all know that sex isn’t only all about penetration. Did you know, though, that penetration is not only all about deep penetration? 

In case you hadn’t realised, the first couple of centimetres of the vagina are extremely sensitive, offering unique sensations when stimulated correctly. 

By looking into the different kinds of movement in these critical first three centimetres, you explore shallow penetration both as a starter and as a main course! Anybody hungry?

Pairing – Why settle with one when you can have two?

If you hate to have to choose between clitoral and vaginal orgasm, just like me, maybe you need to read more about Pairing.

Pairing refers to clitoral stimulation during vaginal penetration. There are several positions and multiple rhythms to apply while going for double pleasure. I see you wondering: my partner always orgasms, do I really need to spend time trying them all out? 

To answer your questions with OMGyes facts: 30% of women have experienced simultaneous vaginal and clitoral orgasms. However, 97% of women report the best lovers are the ones offering clitoral stimulation during penetration. I rest my case.

Staying in – Who said sex is only about thrusting?

Staying in has been one of our favourites with Xander for many years now, so in the beginning, I felt that there might not be much for me to learn from this particular module. However, soon I realised there are several variations of Staying in and I loved studying the animations.

The technique is pretty straightforward: you alternate the in-and-out motion with intervals where the penis -or dildo- stays in the vagina without exiting. This allows tension to build-up and magnifies pleasure for 83% of women! 

The constant contact that you achieve by Staying in offers several advantages. Some examples are: continual clitoral stimulation, less friction and a different sensation to alternate with. Not to mention the fact that it allows you to take a break from the constant thrusting motion.

sex is not only about thrusting OMGYES review 2020

G-regions – That’s right, G-region not spot! 

If it’s any consolation, I have absolutely no idea where my G-region is -which is why I plan to do some serious studying in bed with OMGyes at hand.  

Every woman’s body is different and you might need to search yours for some time before finding the area where the nerves to your clit pass from. Let’s have a look at the scientific data first, shall we?

The bad news is that the G-area:

1. needs to be stimulated for a long time before becoming palpable.

2. might be anywhere in your vagina -bottom, top, left or right wall.

3. and, as if that was not complicated enough, it might not even be in the same fixed point every time.

Feeling intimidated? Don’t be, the journey is more important than the destination.  

Squirting – Self-explanatory -and possibly related to G-regions

I’ve been secretly wondering about squirting -the ultimate wet release- ever since seeing a woman do it at a sex party. It was impressive, to say the least.

Apparently, squirting and having an orgasm are not the same thing. Only 20% of women who squirt have an orgasm at the same time. Squirting is often messy, takes time and usually presupposes a high degree of trust with your partner. The techniques that lead to squirting are very varying, but pretty much everyone agrees that the effect feels somehow embarrassing when you are not familiar with it. At the same time, the experience seems to be world-rocking.

59% of women have never experienced squirting. I am one of them- but, hey the good news is that out of the 41% who have experienced it, 87% believed for years they weren’t able to.

Bottom line, there is still hope. I just have to get down to practicing. Or possibly Xander does!


97% of women report the best lovers are the ones offering clitoral stimulation during penetration


Booty – It’s my duty to please that booty 

I started experimenting with the area quite naturally while masturbating as a teenager, but I know the subject is often sensitive for many women and straight men. Which is why I was particularly proud to introduce Xander to anal pleasure when we started going out.  

In case you were wondering, booty pleasure is a real thing for women -and men too by the way. The booty offers a totally different sensation, definitely worth exploring either alone or with your partner. 

Does anal sex put you off as an idea? Why not strike a deal with your partner to allow you to relax and explore without stress: no penetration. Treat the area just like any other flat, erogenous zone and take your time to indulge it in all the ways you’ll find in this section. Even if you never decide to try anal sex, you might discover how much the right amount of pleasure can magnify your orgasms!


Value for Money

I know Emma Watson referred publicly to OMGyes as an “expensive subscription” but, in all fairness, it’s neither a subscription -it’s a one-time payment for life- nor particularly expensive. That is if you take into account the amount of research and development it involves. There is no option yet to purchase Season 2 on its own. However, at 110EUR for both Seasons, we believe the cost-effectiveness is more than decent. Plus, OMGyes uses revenues to fund the next round of research!

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Where do I purchase OMGyes?

OMGyes is only for sale online, directly from the OMGyes. You can check their offers here.


OMGyes Season 2
4.6 / 5 Our score
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-Tons of information on female sexual pleasure at your finger tips
-Excellent for singles and couples
-Information is well-researched and documented
-Easy to use and highly interactive
-One-time payment.No subscriptions. No re-billing
-€110 for both OMGyes Original and The Inner Pleasure collection may put the product out of reach for many
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