Our Dictionary of Sex

With a very, very, personal interpretation.

orgy ˈɔːdʒi/

Aliki: overly populated sex party where one doesn’t manage to spot one’s partner in under 5 minutes

Xander: the moment when you cannot tell if the appendage in your right hand belongs to the same body your left hand is holding and whether what your lips are kissing is in any way connected to any of the two

dildo ˈdɪldəʊ/:  

Aliki: sex object used to subsitute a penis. From the Italian ‘diletto’, literally (contextually) ‘a woman’s pleasure’. But, let’s be honest, not only women’s.

Xander: The only thing allowed to give pleasure to Aliki in my absence.

fellatio  |fɛˈleɪʃɪəʊ

Aliki: ‘Oral sex act performed on your partner’s penis or oneself (autofellatio)’. What? I thought this was just something boys stop dreaming of after highschool.

Xander: When a woman pretends that her partner is a karaoke station.

pussy |ˈpʊsi|

Aliki:  I refuse to accept any analogies of female anatomy to hairy felines. We don’t spend fortunes on laser for nothing.

Xander: Something that riots or causes a riot.