Preparing for swingers clubs | What to put into your bag

Preparing for swingers clubs | What to put into your bag

Preparing for your first visit to a swingers club?

By now we have shared several of our experiences at swingers clubs and sex parties. What you might not know though is that the first time we went to a libertine club with Xander, I was so nervous I almost called the whole thing off. And to a large extent, it was because of practicalities. Do I really need to give my name and address to make a reservation? Should I arrive early to check out the crowd of rather come in later when things have warmed up? Am I expected to interact with people around me in a different way than in any other club? And, let’s face it, however mundane it might sound, for us women it is a pressing question: what on earth am I supposed to wear?

Preparing your bag 

So, from one girl to another, in my experience this is what you should take with you when preparing for swingers clubs:

1. A large handbag

Trust me, it’s much easier to have everything (car keys, wallet, make-up pouch, lingerie, extra stockings, jewellery, deodorant, your guy’s T-shirt, etc) in one bag rather than having to carry around several little bags. After several drinks and hours of frolicking, you might forget something if you don’t keep your stuff together. And, anyway, contrary to other clubs, at swingers clubs you will not be carrying your bag around: drinks are as a rule included in the entrance fee and phones and other photographic devices are not allowed. So no need to take a party bag to match your clothes, just go for a larger model that will fit all.

2. Your make-up pouch

In said handbag do include a pouch with make-up essentials. As for any other club, I opt for more pronounced make-up, visible in the darker environment: more intense kohl for the eyes, mascara, brighter lipstick. I generally go for stay-on, kiss-proof lipstick, but the truth is you cannot expect any lipstick to last hours of smooching. So if you want to refresh afterwards, I advise you to have your eye-pencil and lipstick with you and possibly your fond-de-teint and some wet-wipes as well, to freshen up. Trust me, they will be of good use.

Couple of Secrets the corset

3. What about your clothes?

Think of swingers clubs as common clubs: what do you feel comfortable in when you go dancing in any other place? Dress sexy, put your high heels on, but stay comfortable and remain yourself. Don’t get stressed and try to be anything else than what you really are!

At swingers clubs, you are generally expected to change into underwear after a certain hour. First of all, let me reassure you: no matter what they say on the website about lingerie being obligatory, nobody will come and force you out of your clothes when the clock strikes twelve. If there is one thing I have learned about swingers during these past years is that everybody is truly relaxed and discrete and will never, ever force you to go further than you desire. Just to put your mind at rest on that one.

4. And the lingerie then?

That said, do not presume that you are going to want to stay covered once people around you start appearing in thongs and nipple pasties. The whole point is to show your body and celebrate your sexuality. Find something that flatters your body, that you feel sexy in and –why not?- take a couple of outfits with you. After all, lingerie doesn’t take up much space. You can then decide on the spot what you prefer to wear on this particular evening. Also, keep in mind that the underwear you chose to parade in later might not be what fits under your party clothes. This shouldn’t stop you. You can change anytime. Swingers clubs always have changing rooms which in themselves are quite an experience!

Whatever your bag looks like, however, keep in mind that the most important thing is that you have an honest, detailed conversation with your partner before venturing into any kind of sexual experimentation! Have fun and let us know how your naughty night out went!

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