Prostate massage | Treading slowly

Prostate massage | Treading slowly

‘I have to admit that I feel rather intimidated by the prospect of a prostate massage by a guy.’

Xander almost blushes as he spells out these words. Xander rarely feels intimidated. I raise my eyes from my opulent landaise salad and take a closer look at him, sitting all smart at the other side of the table. The restaurant is tiny but charming and we are sitting by the open window with a view to the little harbour. We are the last customers, we have the whole place to ourselves and the sex talk we have just started.

‘Is it because it’s a guy, love?’ I ask carefully, although we have had this conversation before.

‘Erm, I am not sure, to be honest. When I saw his website, I was a bit intimidated.’

‘But why, babe? It looks professional, doesn’t it?

‘Yeah, yeah, it does…’

‘And Peter has repeatedly told me it’s not only gay men who go there. Lots of his clients are just straight guys. Or couples like us who want to go together.’

Xander nods, half-heartedly though. He is not entirely convinced.

Peter is a good friend of mine and he is gay. He is one of the few people I know who is able to speak without any restraints about what he likes and does in sex. Without any intention to impress or shock, just because he feels comfortable to. It’s very refreshing to have somebody like that to turn to when I need tips or just to share an experience. Especially since he is very well acquainted with male anatomy.

Peter has been mentioning his massage therapist for years. Not by name and not necessarily with details but he has often casually referred to how he likes tantric massage and any kind of massage really. Not only being on the receiving end, but also devoting the time and attention to his lovers. He has been visiting the tantric massage studio for years now and he has even had multiple training sessions in full body and prostate massage.

I know Xander is all for trying new things in sex and since we have started exploring the erogenous pleasures of the anal zone, he has been open and rather enthusiastic about it. Which is why his hesitation now takes me by surprise.

‘Baby, if you prefer to leave it, I don’t mind at all. I want you to feel comfortable. I just thought that if you’d like to try prostate massage, we might as well try it with someone who really knows what he is doing. This way, I can learn from a specialist, too, you know? But no pressure!’

‘Let me put it this way, I have the feeling that if we are going to do this, you’d have to take care of it, make the appointment, talk to him and make all arrangements.’

‘But of course, baby!’

Something tells me though that my love is not up to it at this point in time. I admire Xander’s open-minded attitude. I don’t know a lot of straight guys who are not afraid to admit that they find any kind of anal stimulation exciting without feeling that their manhood is threatened. But if this is a step too far, I don’t have any intention of pushing. This particular kind of pleasure can wait a bit longer or forever. I don’t really care. The only thing that matters is that Xander feels at ease.

Photocredit: Couple of Secrets by Cristina de la Madera

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