Sex and the Office

Sex and the Office

Guest post by Cassandrox

It is just so natural. It is the place where we spend most of our time and where most of our interactions happen. I believe that the workplace is a great place to flirt; which creates funny moments of embarrassment and double games.

Let’s be clear: I am not promoting harassment in anyway – I am referring to mutual, consensual flirting. To be totally honest, I like to hunt, and doing it at the working place, even if it is just for the pleasure of knowing that something could happen, gives me a thrill. Somehow it works well for me. I must admit that, as a man, being big, athletic and with a natural masculine presence has helped me a lot, despite my lack of manners sometimes or the ability to seduce with words.

That is why it took me a bit by surprise when this colleague proposed sex to me over lunch. The crudeness of it gave me a spasm that ran all the way up my backside, forcing me to exercise all my self-control not to spit out the water I was drinking. I should have known! The looks, the comments on my clothes, on how my beard suits me well, the soft touches on my shoulder when crossing at the lift… all signals were there. But somehow, I never expected such a direct and explicit offer of sex.

You may think that a natural hunter is not used to being the prey, and it is true, but not the whole truth. What surprised me was that I secretly enjoyed the offer and even felt curious. You see, the offer came from a guy! No, I do not have doubts about being straight, I like pussies ‘a la folie’. But for some years now I have been thinking that there must be something in it, when so many women and gay guys enjoy being sodomised. Am I missing out on a deep pleasure just because of my prejudices?

But I will keep my curiosity and my prejudices for a bit longer. I don’t feel any attraction to this guy and the place and moment completely turn me off. But, deep down, I know that at some point, somehow, somewhere, with someone I will try it.

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