Sex in the fast lane

sex on the highway

Sex in the fast lane

Getting horny in a car might be frustrating. But it may be the prefect opportunity for some sex on the highway. Safety first, of course!

I have to admit that sometimes it is extremely exciting to be sexually aroused and yet to have to wait until you are in an appropriate place to have sex. It often happens to us when we are at restaurants or parties. We spend the evening teasing each other, upping the ante until the moment comes. It is, however, equally exciting to have sex the moment you feel like it, wherever you are, even if it is in a car whizzing at 130km per hour.


Sex in the car, anyone?

Now, let’s be clear, safety comes first. You wouldn’t want an ‘American Gods’ kind of accident to ever happen! But, in these moments of pressing horniness, sex definitely comes second and it requires a certain amount of imagination to combine the two. That’s exactly the situation that Aliki and I found ourselves in a year or so ago.

We had spent the morning shooting racy pictures at Cristina de la Madera’s studio (see: Hot Shot) and our libido was overflowing. Yet, we had over an hour drive to get home and this was clearly one of those “I want it all and I want it now” moments.

Aliki was at the steering wheel, wearing full photo-shoot make up and clad in her sexy leopard-print Michael Kors dress. I put my hand on her thighs and pulled the dress up.

‘I want you… now.’

She responded by sliding down in her seat, pressing herself further against my hand, inviting me to go further.

‘Are you sure, love?’ I whispered.

‘No, better not. Not while I’m driving’, she sighed, ‘but why don’t you enjoy yourself next to me, baby?’


Climax on the highway

I didn’t need a second invitation. I undid my trousers and, oblivious to the cars and the wintry-green landscape blurring by, I grabbed myself firmly and focused on my woman. The fact that her eyes were fixed on the road made it sexier. I couldn’t touch her, but my eyes ran over her, taking in all the details: her eyes, sparkling with excitement and fighting the temptation to look sideways; her lips, glossed over in deep burgundy, as she bit into them unable to hide her frustration; her cleavage, the bulge of her beautiful breasts leading my eyes to where her Aubade bra stopped me, letting my imagination take over.

I masturbated next to my partner enthralled by her sensual details, admiring her as if she were my favourite Modigliani painting.

It didn’t take me long that day. After a couple of minutes I came so strongly I had to cup my hand to stop it from spilling over.

After the dizziness subsided I looked around for a tissue, my heart still pounding in my chest.

‘Don’t let it go to waste, baby.’ Her eyes had not left the road.

I lifted my hand to her mouth and poured. My heart beat faster. It was one of the sexiest moment in our lives together.

‘Now lay back and rest, love,’ she told me, ‘you have half an hour to recharge, I am not yet done with you!’

Photo: Pixabay

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