Sex is overrated. Or isn’t it?

Sex is overrated. Or isn't it?

Sex is overrated. Or isn’t it?

I am still mulling over the fact that nobody has to choose between his or her sexual fantasies and a stable, loving couple life. I feel strongly about this because I see it all around me and I have lived it before: passion in the arms of a lover and a home with a partner who cringes the moment you murmur the word “handcuffs”. After all, sex is overrated?

Sex is overrated. At least the “sex” marketed around us is, where cricket-bat-sized penises dangle above pouting bimbos looking into the camera and moaning even before they’re touched. I am not arguing against porn: it has its purposes and its market. But these images rather place sex outside our (normal people) reach.

Yet, sex is so underrated! Last week, I was recounting our visit to a recent sex party to a good friend of mine. His crestfallen reaction was that he has resigned himself to staying with his wife and kids. He finally give up on his sexual fantasies (presumably his wife has done the same)! Caveat: he carries them out with hookers on business trips.

Why undervalue sexual exploration so much so as to believe that you can survive without it in your relationship?

Beats me!

Photo credit: Couple of Secrets

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