The sex party | our first lifestyle house party

sex party couple of secrets

The sex party | our first lifestyle house party

Our first private sex party was a night to remember. 

I was nervous. And it was not only because the pavement was iced-over and slippery. It was our first lifestyle house party. I rearranged my tie and cleared my head. After all, it’s not like we had never met complete strangers and made out with them before. But this time I knew it would be different. More intimate. This was a private sex party and a small group. Six couples do not really allow for much anonymity, at least the kind we had become used to in swingers clubs. Still, we were looking forward to the new experience.

Aliki and I had talked about it in detail. Communication is fundamental to our sexual space. Should we accept the invitation for a private sex party? Will it take us too much outside of our comfort zone? Our discussion was mostly related to the possible impact on our relationship. When trying new experiences Aliki and I always check out the effect it might have on us. Especially because this time we were breaking away from one of our habits: spacing out sexual activities with other people. Just the week before we had been to Fun4Two. But an invitation comes when it comes, so we had agreed to make an exception. Our sense of curiosity had tipped the balance.


I rang the bell. I could hear raucous laughter from inside. We waited a bit and I was ready to press again when the lady of the house opened.

-“Hey! So good to see you again! Come in quick! It’s freezing!”

No wonder. She was only wearing a sexy black bodice and a matching tanga. We went in and followed. Balancing wonderfully on high heels, she led us upstairs. Our hostess was a very sportive woman and I could see Aliki ogling her tight arse. It aroused me. In the modern living room, with its touches of baroque and a huge wall mirror, we were greeted by eight people. All couples. Only another couple had not yet arrived. We were quickly introduced and started chatting easily. My nervousness dissipated.

It is amazing how cool and relaxed most people in the swinging scene are -at least the ones we have met so far. For a while, I almost forgot why we were there and was having a good time comparing notes and talking about this blog with like-minded people. From the corner of my eye, I could see that one of the guys had already marked Aliki. He was talking rather close to her, occasionally touching her back. I could not help but notice the huge bulge in his leather trousers. I felt a pang of jealousy. Not too much to spoil the fun. Just enough. And I was pleased. I don’t ever to be in a situation where a man giving attention to Aliki leaves me untouched. Aliki and I have our swinging rules though. And therefore my mind was at rest.

Couple of Secrets Sex Party


Some hours later

A tall blonde was facing the wall, her shackled arms stretched above her head. Behind her, a black muscled guy was entertaining her, his huge hands placed firmly on her thin hips. Another couple stood watching them until they themselves could not resist anymore. We sat with the rest, chatting on the sofa and drinking champagne. The atmosphere was tense but relaxed at the same time. Everyone was going at his and her own rhythm. Some had started the sex party with a bang. Others, like us, took it slow. There was no pressure.

The hostess passed by, took Aliki’s hand and whisked her gently away. Silently she took her to an armchair in the middle of the room and sat her down. They kissed deeply and then she spread Aliki’s legs and went on her knees. I watched from the sofa, hard as a rock. The Spanish lady sitting to my right realised and made her move on me. I stiffened even more under her touch.

Aliki was clearly enjoying it. A woman knows exactly how to please another (we had not even discovered OMGYes back then) and our hostess was experienced. Two other women and the man who had marked Aliki approached the armchair. One of the women shared the spoils with the lady of the house. The other gave her attention to Aliki’s swelling breasts. Meanwhile, the guy started touching himself. Aliki, without looking, stretched out her hand to help, all the while still laying on her back.

The tableau lasted for a few minutes. The black guy had joined in and Aliki’s hands were both busy now. Her eyes, however, remained locked on me. And mine on her. We never lose sight of each other in these moments.  I closed my eyes for what must have been a few seconds. I had to admit to another stab of jealousy mixed with mounting excitement at seeing so many surrounding my beautiful baby. Still, I had no reason to worry. The limits had already been decided before the sex party.

At that moment I felt the Spanish lady pulling back and opened my eyes in time to see Aliki gently moving her aside with a kiss. The love of my life then straddled me and approached her lips to my ear.

– ‘I love you, baby.’ she whispered ‘I am only yours’.

Photocredit: & Couple of Secrets



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