Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 1

Sex Roundup Couple of Secrets

Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 1

This is our first quick roundup of sex-related stuff that has caught our attention in recent days. It has been, in fact, a very enlightening week, especially for men in search of self-improvement!

Best husband ever…

As part of their 10 tips to become the best husband ever, Feelzero proposes that husbands need to touch wives more outside the bedroom if they want to get more action in bed. Let’s be clear that they’re are talking about touching your own wife. Unless, of course you are in a swingers club. So there you have it! And we bet it works even if you’re not married!



Hard to believe…

The Sun recently carried uplifting news for men who are feeling particularly deflated: “…injecting 20 million stem cells into the base of the penis reinvigorates the nerves to create an erection.” Only the thought of it makes me want to double up in pain. But hey, there’s no pleasure without pain, right?



Counting sex…

According to Cosmopolitan men in long-lasting relationships worry about whether they are having the ‘normal’ amount of sex. As expected, what is normal varies from one relationship to another. However, there seems to be a general consensus that as long as both parties are satisfied frequency hardly matters. Aliki and I agree, which is why we are always harping about the importance of developing a common sexual space.


And in case you’ve missed it…

Aliki published her discovery of the Womanizer, and I posted on 5 weird couples that you might meet in swingers clubs.


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