Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 2

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Sex Roundup | Latest gossip Ep. 2

Welcome to our usual roundup of sex-related news that has recently caught our attention. Feel free to send us articles that you might think we’d find interesting!

more sex couple of secretsMore sex please!

This is good news for men out there, although possibly not all. According to, 6 out of 10 women are not having as much sex as they would like. So to all guys whose mission it is to keep women satisfied: Go forth and multiply! (No need to follow to the letter!). For the partners of the disgruntled 60%, though it is bad, bed news. What the f* are you waiting for man?!

The reason seems to be that women don’t know how to ask for sex. Which begs the question: do you really have to ask for sex?! The answer, according to the article seems to lie in what Aliki and I call the sexual space.

Going solo…

Yet another factoid: women in their late 20’s masturbate the most. That was true for Aliki as well, given that she had not yet met me back then! (Evil grin). More interesting though is the gender gap –not in wage– but in masturbation. Women do it less. Men do it more. Apparently a woman masturbates most when she feels good about her body. A good man, however, would never let a sagging beer belly come in the way of a good wank!

PS: Solo sex improves also your couple sex life!

female masturbation couple of secretsMind the gap…

Bustle comes to the rescue to explain the gender masturbation gap. Males masturbate more than women because women masturbate less than men. Erm.. yes, it’s slightly confusing but it must be true because the author  admits to having masturbated 3 times before getting out of bed to write the article. Check it out.

big genitals couple of secretsBig sex is deadly…

Bad news for well-endowed men: big genitals can lead to the extinction of a species! Yep, you read well. According to, the bigger you are, the more perilous you are the rest of us (we’re not envious, we are just ‘normal’ !). The corollary, therefore, is that if you have a big willy you should not be allowed to copulate. Ok, so far the data is available only for a type of prehistoric crustacean. But didn’t your biology teacher tell you that all living things on earth share over 90% of DNA?

disgusting sex couple of secretsDisgusting sex…

Business Insider informs us that we evolved to find sex disgusting. It’s more of a regression if you ask me. It goes further: apparently women are more prone to experience this disgust than men! (and yet 60% of them crave it more… go figure!). Incidentally, why does a business magazine write about sexual inclination anyway? Somebody just mentioned that it is the “insider” part that gives them the claim.

And in case you’ve missed it…

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