Sex toy review | Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby

Sex toy review | Vibease Jewel Collection: Ruby

Offering yourself a Ruby from the Vibease Jewel Collection? Read our independent review!


TLDR: Vibease Ruby is a qualitative, affordable sex toy designed to look like a playful jewel. Lightweight and pastel-coloured, Ruby has an elongated form with two ear-like folds on top that promise to enhance sexual pleasure for women, whether with a partner or on their own. We recommend it as an entry-level sex toy.

Pros and Cons of Vibease Ruby

Main Pro: We love the way Ruby looks and feels: extremely light, satin-soft, stylish and powerful at the same time. Ideal for travelling!

Main Con: If you are looking for a heavy-duty product, keep in mind that Ruby is neither a traditional vibrator for vaginal use nor a suction sex toy. It’s very light and designed for teasing and pinpoint pleasure, not for sturdier uses.

Vibease Review: Ruby from the Jewel collection

Our detailed vibease Ruby review


Vibease Jewel Collection

The Jewel Collection by Vibease comprises three distinct products: Ruby, Emerald and Onyx. We were impressed by the original aesthetics of all three of them. Slim, playful and funky, with a velvety silicone touch and modern colours corresponding to the precious stones they’re named after, the toys are exactly what they promise to be: an elegant addition to ignite and upgrade your sexual pleasure. 

Vibease Ruby

If you imagine the entire Jewel Collection staging your perfect sex session, Ruby would be playing the foreplay role, teasing and touching not only your clit, but whatever part of your anatomy you choose to stimulate. I took my time to explore all the different sensations it can offer.

Ruby’s elongated form reminded me of a rather small traditional vibrator. The devil is in the details though, and Ruby surprised me devilishly delicious ones. For starters, the double horn-like soft tip that reaches new parts of the female anatomy and titillates them in a unique manner. Then, the chequered relief on the lower part of the body that fits smoothly in your hand and the beautiful jewelled ring on the base that gives is a luxurious touch.

Ruby does look, indeed, like it’s an ornament in a jewel collection, albeit a strange one which will have you wonder where to put it -oh, there!

We also found vibease ruby rather silent which is a big plus; nothing worse for the erotic atmosphere than a noisy sex toy going frantic.

What’s in the box

Ruby is dispatched in discrete packaging. The box contains only what is necessary: the sex toy itself, a USB cable and a user manual for reference. Unlike other sex toys, the box itself is not built for keeps. It’s made of thin cardboard and an equally thin plastic holder.

Ruby comes pre-charged, so you can go on and try it straight out of the box. Be sure, however, to give it a clean first!

Quality material

According to Vibease, Ruby is made out of premium silicone which makes it satin-soft to touch. The material is of high quality, 100% body-safe, non-porous and hypoallergenic. As an additional plus, Ruby is water-resistant, which means it can be used in the shower without any worries. It also means you can clean your Ruby quickly and easily.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the quality of the materials and the ease of use.

Lightweight and compact

Ruby is not meant for heavy-duty uses, so if you are after a sturdy, classic vibrator, you risk getting disappointed. This is not by chance though: Ruby doesn’t aim to serve so much as the main course, but rather as a delicious appetizer.

On the bright side, Ruby is lightweight and rather small, being only 13 cm long and weighing only 49 grams! (See our first picture above to get an idea of what it looks like in a medium-sized hand). This makes Ruby the ideal travelling partner. It can easily fit in your hand luggage. In fact, Ruby is so discrete you can literally carry it in your pocket – if you don’t mind taking it out for inspection at the x-ray machine, of course!

Silent and discrete

Ruby is not only light and compact but also quite silent. I appreciate this a lot in sex toys; there’s nothing worse than a sex toy that has you worrying that everyone in the house can hear it!


Vibease Review: Ruby at a glance


Control system

Ruby has a pretty straight forward, intuitive control system: only one button which you can click multiple times to switch between the various modes and speeds. You can discover them all on the spot while playing with Ruby.

Couple or solo use

Use Ruby with your partner or alone to enhance sexual pleasure. Its thin, elongated form allows you to use it for clitoral stimulation during penetration while its double tip offers a plethora of new sensations to be discovered. 

Quality features

  • Premium silicone for an ultra-soft touch. Non-porous, hypoallergenic and 100% body-safe material.
  • Water-resistant for use in the shower and easy cleaning
  • Lightweight: Ruby weighs only 49 grams and is 13 cm long! You can literally slip it in your pocket to take with you in the office. Should you want that.
  • USB charger for easy and quick recharging


Powerful but discrete

Ruby is powerful and its multiple modes offer sensations of different intensities. We mostly prefer low intensity in toys but don’t be fooled by its delicate appearance, Ruby can be quite powerful too. We also found it rather silent which is a big plus; nothing worse for the erotic atmosphere than a noisy sex toy going frantic.

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Value for Money

At $69  – plus shipment cost – Ruby is a high-end product. Its qualities, however, make it worth collecting. It certainly looks like Xander and I are going to be using it for some time. It’s not cheap for a teaser product but it still remains affordable for women and couples who want to invest in a new stylish sex toy.


Our rating of Vibease Ruby
4 / 5 Our score
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-Great satin feel
-Particularly light and discrete
-Funky design
-High-quality materials
-Easy control
-Not for heavy-duty uses
Sexy factor
Value for money


Couple of Secret’s verdict

We have enjoyed discovering the whole Jewel Collection by Vibease and we have selected Ruby as the first one to try out. It is a sex toy we intend to use regularly and even take with us while travelling, since it’s so lightweight. We loved its soft touch and its playful looks and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and readers.

Have you tried Ruby? Did it work for you? Let us know about your impressions and rate the product below!


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