Sex toy review | Zumio X

Zumio sex toy review

Sex toy review | Zumio X

Looking for the new best sex toy to entertain yourself and your partner? Check out our independent review of Zumio X!


TLDR: Zumio’s distinctive quality is its SpiroTip TM which gives a rotational movement instead of vibration or suction. I liked the sensation and I enjoyed taking my time, enhancing masturbation and sex with Xander. Enjoy the Zumio X review from our perspective!

Pros & Cons of Zumio X

Main Pro: The rotation provides for a unique feeling while the elongation of the tip allows you to reach different areas of your body. 

Main Con: No major ones. Just a bit noisy.

Zumio X Review - Everything you need to know about Zumio X

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Our detailed review of the Zumio X

Too many sex toys?

Xander and I have our fair share of sex toys to boast about. Though we don’t always use them for everyday sex, we find that a classy sex toy can elevate a regular night with your partner to a mind-blowing experience. In fact, one of our New Year’s resolutions for 2020 was to use our sex toys and sexy underwear more between us, even when we don’t meet up with other people or go to clubs.

As you can imagine, over the years of our relationship and especially since starting Couple of Secrets, we have collected boxes of toys -strap-on’s, dildo’s, vibrator’s, body jewellery, suction toys, you name it. By now, we know pretty well which ones work best for us. By the way, we are preparing a post with our favourite sex toys to be published soon!

All in all, we are not actively looking for new sex toys, we already have plenty in our closet. We do review special items for Couple of Secrets and we do have a soft spot for luxury toys. But at the end of the day, we are not constantly scanning the market for the product of the month.

However, when Zumio offered to send us the Zumio X to try out, I was intrigued. A sex toy designed by women for women and men? Using rotation instead of conventional vibration or suction? Stylish and discrete? I simply wanted to try it out!

zumio x review - the zumio x packaging

What’s in the box

Our Zumio X came in a discrete white box decorated with a touch of purple -which is the colour of the Zumio X itself- including the logo printed on top. There was nothing to indicate that there is a sex toy inside unless one is familiar with the brand.

The box contained the Zumio X, its charging dock, a travel pouch and a USB cable. While it is not complicated to use the Zumio X, the package comes with a small user’s manual in different languages and a quick-tip sheet that shows you how to take care of your new source of sexual pleasure. 

The Zumio X itself is a beautiful object. It has a slender shape, with an integrated cover that protects the SpiroTip TM when you are not using it (more about the SpiroTip TM  below). Its makers claim that it is made from medical-grade silicone and ABS. If you are wondering, as we did, ABS is a tough plastic that is fairly resistant to impact, temperature and humidity changes. Which is why it is often used in quality sex toys.

Let’s move on to our experience in trying it out, shall we?

Zumio X unboxing

Rotational vs Vibration

Zumio X is different than any other sex toy I had tried before. It doesn’t use any of the traditional vibration or suction for pleasure. Instead, Zumio X features an elongated tip for rotation motion, which the designers named the SpiroTip TM.

I see you raising an eyebrow: “Rotation for sexual pleasure? How is this possible? I’ve never heard of that before. How is rotation going to work on me?” I can’t blame you for having doubts. These were exactly my thoughts when I first read about it.

I have to admit that it does work though. With a combination of placement, pressure and speed, Zumio’s SpiroTip TM allows you to pinpoint stimulation exactly where you want it. On your thighs, nipples, labia, clit, perineum, wherever it feels good for you. I preferred it on my labia and clit.

According to Zumio, their product was the brain-child of a single mum of three with two jobs, who wanted something for instant pleasure. I have to admit that I preferred to take it easy and play around with the sex toy, instead of going immediately for the climax. 

It takes some time to discover what tickles your fancy and what doesn’t and, even then, don’t necessarily expect the imperative, quick -almost forced- orgasms other sex toys bring about. It’s all about taking the time to explore your body and your partner’s body and discover new sensations. Three cheers for slow sex!

A Zumio for him?

Zumio boasts that their product is designed by women for women, but that it feels great on men too. Ever so curious, Xander decided to give it a shot. After all, he often complains that women have an advantage when it comes to sex toys.

He liked the sensation of the Zumio on the different parts of his body, especially when regulating the intensity level. But most of all, he enjoyed the fact that he was sharing a sex toy with me and that I was the one administering the pleasure. So, when it comes to using Zumio X on men, Xander gave it the green light.

zumio x review - a close up of the sex toy and the size

Zumio X at a glance

Rotation instead of suction/ vibration

Zumio X features an elongated tip for rotation motion -not vibration, not suction. Its SpiroTip TM allows you to pinpoint stimulation exactly wherever it feels good for you. On your thighs, nipples, labia, clit, perineum. 

Control system

Zumio X features eight speeds with simple and intuitive controls. Press down harder to slow down the tip and reduce the intensity, release pressure to increase speed. 

For solo users but not only

Zumio is meant for solo use and for use with your partner. It’s elongated, ergonomic design (imagine the shape of an electric toothbrush) is very practical to use while having sex with your partner without having to change your body position to accommodate your sex toy.

Two models for all needs

Zumio comes in two models: Zumio X and Zumio S. We only tried Zumio X but we suspect the S model -for sensitive users- would have been more appropriate for us. We found the X model a tad too intense -we are all for slow sex after all- plus we would have liked it to make less noise, which we suspect is entirely possible with a less powerful model.

Quality features

  • Body-safe materials, environmentally friendly
  • 100% waterproof for the shower and bath use
  • Travel chic look and lock function


Our rating of the Zumio X
4.5 / 5 Our score
{{ reviewsOverall }} / 5 User score (0 votes)
-Original sensation thanks to SpiroTip (TM) rotating motion
-The elongated tip is ideal for partner use
-Easy to manipulate
-High-quality materials
-Elegant design
-Excellent customer service
-Slightly noisy
-A tad too intense to our liking -most probably we would prefer the Zumio S
Sexy factor
Value for money


Value for money

Zumio X is a high-end quality product. At 98 USD Zumio is not the cheapest sex toy you can procure, but it’s definitely worth it! Plus, when it comes to sex toys, we firmly believe less is more: better not to bury yourself under loads of toys, but just have a few selected quality products.

Couple of Secret’s verdict

We’ve reached the end of the Zumio x review. We already have plenty of sex toys under our bed, we want to use more and there are loads of new sex toys that appear on the market every year. There are not a lot of sex toys that can rightfully claim to offer a new sensation, but Zumio X is definitely one of them. We are sure we are going to be using it a lot during COVID-19 confinement and beyond and we can’t wait! We might be even tempted to procure Zumio S, as we would appreciate a softer sensation.

Have you tried Zumio X? Did it work for you? Let us know about your impressions and rate the product below!

Where to buy the Zumio X

If you think you would like to buy the Zumio X, we would appreciate if you buy it through our website. You will also be helping us maintain Couple of Secrets!

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