Sexy Roleplay Ideas – Play With Your Partner

Sexy Roleplay Ideas – Play With Your Partner

Sexy roleplay ideas can spice up your sex life with your partner. Erotic roleplay can be enticing, revealing and, above all, fun.


XANDER: A few days ago, I had an idea for sexy roleplay. We have engaged in erotic roleplaying before, but I have had this fantasy for quite some time, of Aliki roleplaying  a high-class escort. 

We were not going to see each other for much of the day. So the moment I found myself on my own I sent Aliki a message:


 – Hi Thea. Saw your ad online. Would you be free for an outcall tonight? And how much would the fee be for an evening? Xxx, A.


I wondered how she would react. For a short second, after I pressed the send button, I was afraid my woman would think that I had hired a hooker and pocket-messaged her by mistake.

Then it occurred to me that: a. Aliki knows me, and b. we’re under lockdown!


-Hello A., I am free to come over tonight! ✨ Did you have anything specific in mind? I ask €500 for a whole evening, this way I am sure I’ll have enough time to take proper care of you. Let me know where and when. T. 💋


Brilliant, my baby was game! As teenage as it may sound, I was genuinely excited. So much so that I couldn’t resist tweeting about it!


Sexy Roleplay Ideas. The escort story


Getting into the roleplay

Just the other day, Aliki followed an interview with Esther Perel, in which the expert sexologist talked about the importance of pretence in sex play. So I decided to apply this to our erotic roleplaying and do things through and through.

I spent the whole day preparing. I planned the meal, I chose the wine, and more importantly, I went to the bank to withdraw the €500. If we’re gonna do it, we’ll do it properly!

Gradually, I got into the frame of mind that an escort was really coming over to mine. 

As the moment got closer, I sent Thea another message:


– Hi Thea, just wanted to confirm that we’re still on for tonight? See you in a bit? 😘


I couldn’t wait to see how she looked like!


Sexy Roleplay Ideas. Do you love erotic roleplaying?


ALIKI: I texted Xander, feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness.


– Sure thing, baby! I’ll see you in a couple of hours! Leave it all up to me! XX


I liked the fact that he had taken the initiative to turn tonight’s date into a roleplaying session. And I was sure that he’d play the game perfectly. 

All of a sudden, I was stressed! I had a client with expectations to live up to! Had I charged enough for a whole evening? Did I have to do a manicure? A pedicure? A month and a half of confinement had taken its toll on my nails! And, above all, did I have anything to wear?

I spent more than an hour showering, applying skin cream, straightening my hair -as I know Xander likes it- and picking my jewellery and underwear.

I wanted to put on something I hadn’t worn a lot. Something Xander hadn’t seen me in yet, if possible.

I know it’s infantile on some level, but I can tell you I was taking my role very seriously.


Roleplaying jitters

Would he like me? I mean I know Xander loves me, but would he enjoy the show I’d put up for him tonight? Should I go for a soft, discrete look or a flagrant outfit with thigh-high boots and intense lipstick?

I changed a couple of times before settling on a Michael Kors dress I knew Xander would appreciate. I also found myself experimenting with my make up and decided, in the end, to keep it discrete.

By the time I was ready, my heart was pounding in my chest: I felt like I was off to meet a stranger rather than the love of my life!

“Huh,” I thought to myself. “I seem to be very good at the fake-it-until-you-make-it attitude. By the way, exactly how flirty is an escort supposed to be?”


     “Sex is theatremanneke!” 

Esther Perel on the importance of play and rituals in long-term relationships 


He opened the door for me with a smile.

“Hi Thea, nice to meet you!”

He was handsome and courteous. With a twinkle in his eyes, he invited me in and kissed me on the cheek. He smelt of his favourite perfume, and the moment he came closer to me, I knew I’d be a terrible escort. I had just met my client, and I was already drooling over him. 

“Can I pour you something to drink, Thea?”

“Whatever you are having, darling,” I tried to play cool.


Keeping up the roleplay

You might be wondering how the hell you sustain a discussion with your partner of ages without mentioning any of the mundane subjects. Easily! It takes some acting in the beginning, but you get used to it quite quickly. And it’s so refreshing not to be talking about kids and work and obligations for a short while!

I had almost finished my first glass of wine, and my nervousness was dissipating. I approached my date and hugged him from the back while he was preparing our dinner.

“Is there anything particular that you like, baby? Anything I can do for you?” I whispered in his ear.

“Well, you know, Thea, I’ve always had this fantasy of a beautiful woman walking around the apartment in just her underwear. Why don’t you lose the dress, babe?” I don’t know about you, but for me, a man who knows what he wants is such a turn on!

Needless to say, sex was spectacular that evening. By the time we came out of the bedroom two hours later, I was so engrossed into the role-playing that I felt almost disappointed when Xander said: Shall we call it off now, baby? 

I mean, for 500 EUR you’d think there’d be a second round, wouldn’t you?

The sexy role play idea of the high school student


Here are 3 advantages of realizing your sexy roleplay ideas


1. Spice up your sex life.

Excitement is the most direct benefit of carrying out your sexy roleplay ideas with your partner. The thing is, with somebody you see day in day out, you have to actively invest in keeping your sex life erotic. No matter how much in love with them you are you have to nurture your sexual space!

We don’t believe that sex in a long-term relationship is doomed to become duller over time. However, we’re not naive either: this does not happen automatically. It takes a conscious effort. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Does it sound wrong to you? If it does, it is normal. It did to us as well. Why should sex, of all things, require an effort? Then, the more we thought about it, the more we realised that like, in every other aspect of our life together, our sex life doesn’t deepen on its own. It needs curating.

By effort, we do not mean a ‘struggle’, of course. We simply suggest giving attention to your sex life and being creative in the ways you can keep the flame alive, or even fan it bigger! Your erotic roleplay ideas can help you do just that!

2. Bring out an alter ego in each other

When people are given roles, even if playfully, they demonstrate another side of them. Aliki made for a formidable escort! She was flirty but not too forthcoming, and she engaged in witty banter. But the greatest surprise of all was that my Aliki -whom I know as a shy, reserved beauty- turned out to be one hell of a tease!  

For one evening, the love of my life changed into somebody else, even during sex!

These alter egos allow you to have fun with each other and also appreciate different aspects of your partner. I guess that when people start having an affair, it is because they mostly see something in another person that entices them and that they don’t see in their partner. I also believe that, in many cases, with their lover, people show parts of themselves that typically their partner hasn’t even discovered. 

Through sexual roleplaying, you get the chance to discover what entices you and find it in your long-time partner!

The slut and the cope - role playing

3. Get to act out your fantasy

The old adage goes that “Some fantasies should remain just that – fantasies.” However erotic roleplaying takes that one step further: you can act out your fantasy although with your partner. It is the closest one gets to having the cake and eating it.

Do you dream of sleeping with a uniformed policeman? Why not ask your hubby to cuff you and teach you a proper lesson in law and order? Have you always fantasized of having sex with Wonder Woman? To clarify your girlfriend doesn’t need a costume to prove that she is a superhero, but for this once, you can ask her to don it and beg you for pleasure…

As for me, I am sure I will be calling on Thea’s services sometime soon.


Get in touch – Find more about sexy roleplay ideas!

Do you roleplay with your a partner? Do you have a fantasy you would like to act out? Are you in need of more sexy roleplay ideas? feel free to ask. Leave a comment below or write to us. We are always willing to learn from our readers!

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