5 sexy things to do with your partner this Christmas

couple of secrets 5 sexy things to do this Christmas

5 sexy things to do with your partner this Christmas

Last week Xander suggested 5 sexy gifts for your partner for Christmas. This week I want to propose five sexy things to do together with your partner during Christmas break. 

A sexy experience to remember

For many years I preferred spending money on products rather than services. Particularly during Christmas, when I love seeing the bottom of the tree covered with packages!

Lately I am reconsidering though. A sexy experience with your partner stays with you forever, even without a physical token to remind you of it. It gives you time with each other and sets the scenery for intense love-making afterwards.

5 sexy things to do with your partner during Christmas break

A tantric massage for couples

A massage is always an intimate experience. Tantric massage even more so: for tantra your erogenous zones are not off limits. Having a tantric massage together with your partner can work wonders to relax you and excite you at the same time.

Whether you decide to share the massage therapist between the two of you or give your partner (or yourself!) the privilege of a four-hands massage is up to you. The essential thing is to take the time to enjoy the experience of hot oil and soft touch on your body. 

The ending is bound to be happy: after all you have your lover just next to you, all naked and eager. 

An erotic fantasy come true

We are all for living your sexuality to the full throughout the year. The truth is though that daily rhythm and routine often swallow you up -along with your naughty intentions. You might have been playing with a sexy idea for a while, but not gotten to the point of talking about it with your partner. 

Why not use the opportunity of Christmas break to discuss and realise a sexual fantasy of yours? Maybe you are fantasising of a threesome or you are wondering how a sex party would be. Maybe you just plainly dream of tying up your lover with the new velvet handcuffs you bought months ago but never got around to using. It doesn’t really matter, you don’t need to impress your partner with intricate plans. What counts is that you two get into a sexual mindset and devote more time with each other in bed. The rest is going to be just glorious!

Couple of Secrets 5 things to do with your partner for ChristmasVisit a swingers club together

OK, we understand not everybody is open to the pleasures of partner-swapping. At the end of the day, it is a pleasure for acquired tastes. Going to a swingers club though is definitely not something for swingers only. 

You see, the atmosphere in swingers clubs is sexually loaded. There is a lot of naked skin, a lot of latex, lace and leather and a lot of flirty people. Even if you don’t want to play with anyone else, it can be terribly arousing for you and your partner to experience the electricity in the air and to see others making out. You can use this sexual energy between the two of you.

And if you worry other people might be pushy, put your mind at rest. To our experience swingers are extremely relaxed people and take a hint straight ahead. After all, most swingers are sexually satisfied, no frustrations here!

Just make sure you are going to a club for couples only, because the scenery is different with single men around. Take a look at some of the clubs we have visited here.

A day at the spa together

There are bound to be dozens of spa’s around you: choose a decent one, take off your clothes, put on a fluffy bathrobe and take your lover by the hand for a relaxing day out. Immerse yourselves in the hot bubbly jacuzzi, sweat all naked in the sauna of your choice, plunge into the hot outside pool and indulge yourself with a special treatment, like a hot massage or a clay skin care.

You are probably going to relax too much to be in a sexy mood. But releasing stress will definitely pay off later under the sheets with your lover!

An erotic photoshoot together

Both times we had an erotic photoshoot with Xander, I experienced a spectacular surge of sexual energy. It makes sense: I took the time to make myself up, to choose all the sexy underwear I wanted, to put on fancy jewellery and then I had a photographer just for me and Xander to immortalise the sexual tension between the two of us. How can this not lead to sexual frenzy?

And, by the way, if you don’t feel like involving a professional, why not try making your own sexy pictures of your partner? We have not tried it yet ourselves but it is on our to do list. The end result might be less perfect but I bet you’ll enjoy the process! Try it out and let us know how it worked for you!

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