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Amsterdam is probably the first city that springs to mind for a sexy weekend. And for good reasons too! We have been several times to the Dutch capital and rarely been disappointed.


We prefer to stay in Abcoude. This quaint village, complete with red-brick houses and placid canals, is only a 20-minute drive away from the heart of Amsterdam and the same distance from Fata Morgana Swingers Club. A day’s parking in the city can cost as much as a fine dinner, so the fact that Abcoude has regular direct trains to Amsterdam-Centraal is very handy.


Sexy weekend in Amsterdam - Abcoude

Picturesque Abcoude is just a 20′ drive from Amsterdam


Our preferred hotel is De Witte Damme. This converted train station is a perfect combination of crisp Dutch interior design and old architectural charm. We have also stayed at Villa Oldenhoff, a family-run, converted farm that offers plenty of space and sits just in front of a lazy canal. Both places have provided us with the perfect setting for plenty of hot sex after our late-night ventures and our cozy lay-ins the following morning (with some more sex, of course).


Sexy weekend in Amsterdam - De Witte Damme room

Aliki checking out our room at De Witte Damme.



Amsterdam has no dearth of restaurants to spice up your sexy weekend. We particularly liked our dinner at Ctaste. Dark dining is a thoroughly sensual experience, as your eyes make way to tentative caresses and hushed whispers. We also have it in mind to visit Supper Club, where you can quite literally dine on a bed. We simply haven’t gotten around to doing it yet.


Sexy weekend in Amsterdam - De Witte Damme outside

De Witte Damme


Amsterdam is home to one of the biggest lifestyle clubs in Europe. We have visited Fata Morgana a few times and we have liked it each and every time. Fun4Two, another of our favourite clubs, lies a bit further out. It is just under one hour’s drive southwards, and if you have the time, we highly recommend it. During our last visit, we visited Sameplace, the only lifestyle club in the city centre but, frankly, we do not suggest it. It is small, and the play area is very basic and damp.


Our trips to the Dutch capital have never been limited to just swingers clubs. During the day we have visited different places of sexual interest. A stroll along the Red Light District in De Wallen has often been on our itinerary. Our favourite visit, so far, has been to the Red Light Secrets Museum. It contextualises Amsterdam’s sex industry and gives a very graphic image of the daily life of a De Wallen sex worker.


Sexy weekend in Amsterdam - Red Light Secret

The Prostitution Museum


We have also tried one of the peepshows, a live sex show and several of the sex shops that dot the canal. Just for the fun of it, we also visited the Venustempel Sex Museum. But, if your time is limited, we definitely recommend visiting the Red Light Secrets first.


This post is also available in: nlNederlands