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Rome ranks high, not only in culture and food but also in sexiness. The Italian capital is dotted with perfect lovenests and hedonistic art. It also boasts one of the most exclusive swingers clubs we have visited. In short, a sexy weekend in Rome is a must!


Each time we visited Rome we chose to stay in the historical centre. We particularly liked our stay at Design & Art Pié. This suite of apartments is right next to the Pantheon and 10 minutes on foot from Flirt Club II. Careful though! It’s all cobbled stones and Aliki lost a heel!



Sexy Weekend in Rome - Hotel

Our room at Design & Art Pié


The fact that our apartment came with a jacuzzi and we were served Prosecco on ice made our sexy weekend in Rome that much special! If you are more into upscale residences, then we suggest Hotel Locarno just off Piazza del Popolo.


When we go for a sexy weekend in Rome, we find ourselves hard-pressed to choose amongst the vast array of epicurean eateries. Settimio all’Arancio is everything you would expect of a Roman trattoria: tasty, simple dishes, waiters clad in white and the wistful ambiance of a bygone era.


Settimio all arancio Rome

Settimio all Arancio: elegant and genuine

Hidden inside one of Rome’s palatial courtyards, Otello alla Concordia is another sybarite gem. We had a table in its cosy conservatory, chaperoned by leafy ferns and accompanied by the gurgling of an ancient fountain.



Sexy weekend in Rome - Ristorante Pacifico

We loved the brunch Ristorante Pacifico after a steamy night


After a night out, there’s nothing better than a good, sophisticated brunch. And we have found none better than Ristorante Pacifico at Palazzo Dama. Just don’t expect your typical egg-and-bacon, all-you-can-eat buffet. Instead, prepare your tastebuds for refinement and delicacy.


Our sexy escapades are not limited to swingers clubs, but in Rome, we fell in love with Flirt 2 Swingers Club. We found it to be a combination of elegance, beauty, and sensuality and we will gladly return anytime.


Sexy Weekend in Rome - Flirt 2 swingers club inside

One of the sensual playrooms of Flirt 2 Singers Club.

We also like visiting alternative places, which is the best way to describe La Conventicola Degli Ultramoderni. This cabaret, reminiscent of bohemian absinthe dens, is a composite of burlesque, theatrical arts, and sophisticated cocktails. When we visited there was a tongue-in-cheek sexy contest determined by the public.



Sexy weekend in Rome - Conventicola degli Ultramoderni

The Conventicola Degli Ultramoderni is a unique place


If you need to prepare for your sensual entertainment by treating yourself to a new pair of racy thongs or nipple rings, it is worth passing by Zou Zou. It has a good reputation amongst Rome’s more hedonistic couples.


Sexiness and sensuality are not only in the act. It takes just a quick tour of Villa Borghese to confirm that. If you thought that eroticism in the 17th century was confined to the bed sheets you’ll quickly change your mind.


Rape of Proseprina Villa Borghese

Despite the violence of the scene, Bernini’s Rape of Prosperina is an exercise in sensuality.

We never tire of admiring Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s marble masterpieces, with the Rape of Prosperina and Apollo and Daphne topping our personal charts. The fact the last time we visited we bumped into Jude Law might also have played a role in our soft spot for this gallery.




This post is also available in: itItaliano