There’s plenty to do for a sexy weekend in Warsaw. The Polish capital is an up and coming destination. It has a vibrant nightlife and good eateries, with cool hangouts mushrooming in previously-destitute areas. We went for a long weekend in March, and we loved it.


When we visit a city for the first time, we prefer to stay in the centre. Normally, we opt for boutique hotels, of which in Warsaw there are quite a few. As fate would have it, however, on the days we visited Warsaw, the best value for money was the Sofitel.


Sexy weekend in Warsaw - Hotel Bristol

Hotel Bristol, Warsaw.


It turned out to be a great choice, especially because the hotel comes with a SPA where we had a unique moment of relaxation. One particularity is that the ceiling of the swimming pool is reflective so you get to see a different perspective of yourself as you float. Next time we visit Warsaw we would like to try out the Hotel Bristol: a luxurious yet charming edifice just a stone’s throw away from the palace, which we discovered during a brunch.



Eating well is an intrinsic part of our sexy weekends. Now, some might think that Eastern European food is the kind that sits heavily on the stomach and therefore not compatible with sex. That is true if you stuff yourself with Pierogi or Pyzy. However, we discovered a jewel of a restaurant called Różana. With its flower garden and its silver-star service, Różsana made an outstanding addition to our stay in Warsaw. Suffice it to say that we couldn’t get in on our first attempt because the Polish President was dining there!


Sexy weekend in Warsaw - Brunch

At Bułkę przez Bibułkę you can brunch on bubbles.

After a steamy night, whether in a club or in our hotel room, we like to sleep in and have some morning sex (Aliki’s favourite!). Brunch is, therefore, our meal of choice, and Warsaw did not disappoint. The café at the Hotel Bristol, with its 1920’s feel and Bułkę Bibułkę, with its hip crowd, provided excellent late-morning sustenance.


Sexy Weekend in Warsaw - Bristol Café

The Bristol Hotel Café send you back to the 1920’s


For our sexy weekend in Warsaw, we chose to go to the Lava Swingers Club. We chose it blindly, as we often do when we visit new cities. The place is a bit rougher than the clubs we are used to but it turned out to be a good experience. The patrons were all courteous and we ran into a sexy Portuguese couple that made our night. What’s more, Aliki discovered her penchant for spanking Xander!

Since then, we have noticed other clubs that we would like to try out the next time around. The Euphoria Swingers Club tops our wishlist.


Sexy Weekend in Warsaw - The View

The View, Warsaw


Our sexy weekends do not include only swingers clubs. Indeed, we do not consider ourselves exclusively as swingers. On our second night in Warsaw, therefore, we gave The View a try. This opulent club claims to be one of the most exclusive in Warsaw and, as its name implies, you can dance and drink all night with the blinking lights of Warsaw beneath you. While not exactly our style, it was fun and sexy.


You cannot possibly go to Warsaw and not visit the Vodka Museum. It is housed in an old vodka distillery and has a bar and two restaurants on the spot. There is something very sexy about the backlit translucent bottles and the intoxicating spirit resting within.


Warsaw Museum of Vodka

There is something sexy about sleek designer Vodka bottles.

Legend has it that when the Rolling Stones performed at Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science in 1967 they opted to be paid in Polish vodka instead of cash!