Complicity in Pictures

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Complicity in Pictures

Sharing sexy pictures with your partner

The clock is approaching dangerously 18:30. At this point I am glancing nervously at my watch every ten seconds. This meeting is going on for hours and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near finishing. I am mentally going through the emergency list of people who can go and pick up the little ones before the after-school center closes. What time did Xander say he was finishing today?

My mobile lights up. Xander. Just in time.

– ‘Hey babe. Take a look at that!’

Ok. I briefly forget to worry about the time and open the picture attached half-expecting a fancy hotel or an advertisement for a board game fair that has caught Xander’s attention. A picture of a naked woman appears wide on my screen. I gulp and strategically shift the phone in front of me, hoping that my colleague has not seen the image. Luckily, he seems even more preoccupied with his phone than I.

It’s a woman lying on her stomach in bed. She is wearing a full-body fishnet bodysuit and has turned her voluptuous buttocks towards the lens. Her legs bent playfully, her curves perfectly shaped. She is breathtaking.

-‘ Ssssoooo sexy! Where is the pic from?’

– ‘The swingers’ site, love. U would look gorgeous in this bodysuit’.

– ‘Seriously, Xander?? This is what you think of when you see a pic like this?? Clothes?’

– ‘Sexy clothes on you, Aliki!’

-‘C’mon bb, she is so gorgeous, she even turns me on!’

– ‘That’s why I sent you the pic, love!’

I am rushing out of the meeting room on my way to the kids and, for all my stress, I can’t help smiling. I know Xander is a man with attention to detail when it comes to women. A different man might have hesitated sharing a sexy picture of another woman with me -although you’d probably have to resort to torture for him to admit that he finds it sexy and that’s the reason he sent it to me. Most men in fact would even deny ever looking up any kind of sexy content.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means cool when it comes to Xander and other women. Quite the opposite. And yet, mostly because I trust him, I enjoy and even get turned on by him sharing sexy content he finds online; even if this involves pictures of other women.

It is a fine line, I guess. A partner looking up pictures of naked girls can mean he is bored with the relationship and he is looking elsewhere. Xander, however, doesn’t do it in secret and doesn’t do it too often either. And I know this because he shares it with me. Not just the picture. The whole experience. To me this small exchange betrays a complicity that melts my heart. Because even when he sees an impressive woman half-naked, he is thinking of me: how good that underwear would look on me; how sexy a picture of me in that same pose would be. In many ways, it is an indirect compliment. It is all in the attitude.

-‘Xander, I absolutely love it that you share your fantasies with me..’

-‘Who, me? I just liked the bodysuit bb…’


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