Simultaneous climax | An unexpected pleasure

simultaneous climax couple of secrets

Simultaneous climax | An unexpected pleasure

It is always a sign of deep complicity when two lovers experience simultaneous climax. What Aliki and I experienced in a small love-cabin at Fun4Two, however, was something new altogether. It is an experience that both excited us and at the same time challenged us.

Private corners are one of the charms of Fun4Two: intimate, sexy spaces in an otherwise communal environment that drips with hedonist pleasure. Aliki and I shared ours with the charming couple we had met for the first time.

We had clicked instantly and had already spent an hour or so chatting away over G&Ts in the bar area downstairs. We could tell that they were stress-free people by their lenient reaction to us turning up almost an hour late to our date! It was the first time we had felt so much at ease with a couple we had just met. Frank and Jenny were open, relaxed and fun. And they physically behaved in exactly the same manner.

And because of that, once in the love-cabin all together, Aliki and I were therefore more at ease than usual. The two women were soon lost in a lusty embrace while Frank and I caressed and kissed their soft bodies from behind. As our hands indiscriminately explored their smooth skin, they ignored us completely. It made us harder. The fact that Aliki is a brunette and Jenny a blonde, although cliché, made the encounter even sexier!

At some point Jenny broke the kissing and whispered something in Dutch in Aliki’s ear. My partner chuckled and then turned to me.

– ‘We have a special request. It’s Frank’s birthday soon and well… Jenny asked me if she and I couldn’t make one of his wishes come true.’

I consented. It was a first. In fact it was at that moment that I realised that indeed the whole situation was a first. We had been quite a few times to swingers clubs before. Yet, we had never felt comfortable sharing a private space with just one couple. It is normally a more anonymous environment for us.

Aliki and Jenny proceeded to give Frank what I hope was a birthday gift to remember. It was not long, however, before Jenny turned her attention to me. Without standing up she swiveled on her knees and took me in. I instantly gasped and looked at Aliki. In her position she could not look at me but at that moment Frank turned her around. And before going down on his knees he asked me.

– ‘May I?’

I appreciated the gentlemanly approach, but as his wife played with me, all I could do was grunt my acquiescence. Jenny took both my hands and placed them on her head. I played with her soft blonde mesh, gently but firmly holding her and guiding her movement. She was clearly aiming at a climax. This was also a first. Aliki and I had become accustomed to playing for a long time with other people but then to climax with each other.

In my addled mind I was trying to review our swinging rules to see where all this would fit but I couldn’t. So, I did the next best thing. I looked for Aliki’s eyes. The moment I turned I found them immediately. She was clearly excited and experiencing the same dilemma. Frank seemed to be doing a good job if Aliki’s parted mouth was any indication.

-‘She’s gonna make me come, baby!’ I signalled to her with my eyes, in genuine panic.

– ‘It’s ok, love’ she mouthed back.

I turned my attention back to Jenny, who looked up at me with her lusty blue eyes. There was nothing I could do to hold back. I came noisily and profusely. At that moment, Aliki’s moaning told me that she had done exactly the same. It was a unique sensation.

We talked quite a lot about it afterwards. It may sound naive for a libertine couple to be touched by such an experience. But that is the beauty of building a common sexual space: it serves as an area where you can allow yourself to be sexually surprised and then see how you feel about it.  There was definitely a little sting of jealousy for both us. But we both relished meeting Frank and Jenny. They made us experience a new way of simultaneous climax.

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