Swinging safety in the time of coronavirus

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Swinging safety in the time of coronavirus

Swinging safety is paramount: how do you combine the Lifestyle with the threat of the coronavirus?

Swinging safety today is more important than ever. All around us, the coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing the scenery of our daily life: meetings turn into videoconferences, employees telework, schools close, parents despair. Measures evolve constantly; every morning you find yourself checking the news before properly opening your eyes. In the meantime, Xander and I have had to make some decisions of our own to make regarding our Lifestyle habits. 


‘Aliki, baby, let’s discuss tonight what we’ll do with P&D next week, shall we?’ Xander told me on the phone a couple of days ago.

‘What do you mean, Xander? We are having dinner with them, aren’t we?’

‘I mean because of the coronavirus, baby. I am not sure it’s a good idea to be fooling around right now.’

‘But we are still seeing them for dinner, love! It’s been agreed months ago! And it’s D’s birthday!’ 

Xander was not entirely convinced.

COVID 19 and sexy planning

We prefer to space out our sexual adventures but it so happens that these coming two weeks are packed with sexy activities. This week we have been planning to visit a new Tantra therapist who comes highly recommended by friends of ours. In the weekend, we are meeting LS friends for an evening out. And, last but not least, next week we were planning to visit Paris and its LS clubs. We have never visited Paris together with Xander and we wanted to remedy this as soon as possible.


Let’s start by stating the obvious: Lifestyle plans are by no means essential. Swinging safety is always of utmost importance and even more now that Covid-19 is raging. Xander and I don’t need to have a sexy evening out to feel complete and satisfied with our lives and in our relationship. And we certainly do not intend to complain of having to cancel plans the moment that other people are fighting for the lives or that whole country are locked-down. At the end of the day, it’s entertainment we are talking about.

At the same time, we all make plans for the future and just like others might wonder whether they should cancel vanilla dinner plans or refrain from travelling, people in the Lifestyle face their own dilemmas. How prudent should we be? When it comes to the combination of Lifestyle and Covid-19, how do you strike the right balance between being careful and being boring?

Let’s make one thing clear: we don’t claim to be experts or able to give advice to others. The only thing we can do is apply our common sense and follow the instructions we get from public instances and employers. On the basis of these guidelines, we have come up with our Swinging Safety Roadmap in the times of the coronavirus. If you fall within the high-risk categories for COVID-19 infections we suggest you seek professional advice before you decide on your Lifestyle plans!

Our Swinging Safety Roadmap in the time of coronavirus

1. We will avoid swingers clubs and parties

Mingling indiscriminately with people that we don’t know is not a great idea. We cannot really check where they have been and which areas they have visited. And let’s face it, the one-meter rule is impossible to keep in swingers clubs. And anyway, which body parts are you supposed to keep a one-meter away from? Truth be told, giving up swingers club for a while is a small sacrifice for us. You see, we have developed a Club fatigue lately. We prefer meeting up in a more personal, intimate environment with people we have a certain connection with.

That said, we had been looking forward to visiting Les Chandelles for so long we both feel deflated to cancel, but c’est la vie. Swinging safety comes first. It will have to happen at another point in time. 

2. We will cancel our travel plans

Travelling for pleasure also doesn’t make sense right now. We’ll avoid planes and trains for sure. To places like Paris, we could theoretically take the car. But where’s the fun in visiting a city like Paris having to avoid museums, clubs, busy places and public events? On a more practical side, we don’t know which city or border will be closed next. It is not wise to be caught away from home. The Couple of Secrets’ sexy weekend in Paris will just have to wait for summer to come and the coronavirus to go away.


3. We will keep limited 2+2 encounters

We will meet our favourite LS friends for a surprise dinner at a restaurant as planned. These are people we’ve known for years now and we can trust them. We know where they have been recently and they would come clean about the state of their health. There are no guarantees, of course, they could be carriers without knowing it. It’s a balance of probabilities anyway. Nothing is entirely safe, but things being as they are, we decided that it doesn’t make sense to cancel.  

4. We will visit ethical practitioners

We will also keep our appointment with the tantra practitioner. As long as we are feeling well and she is in good health too, we don’t consider this a great risk. Her practice is small and she organizes tantra sessions sporadically. And the massage only entails contact with one extra person. Not entirely sure our GP would approve, but this is our way of not succumbing to COVID-19 panic.

5. We will use this time to play together

Last but not least, staying at home for a prolonged period with your partner offers the perfect opportunity to devote more time to each other. Xander and I have a stockpile of sexy toys and underwear which we haven’t used enough so far. Yesterday evening we started by trying our new Zumio for the first time, it was amazing!


We want to stress again, this is what we decided to do to deal with swinging safety and the coronavirus. We are neither doctors nor epidemiologists to have a deeper insight into how outbreaks evolve. This is just the layman’s perspective. Make sure you check the WHO dedicated website and your country’s/county’s health instructions before deciding on what to do.

The situation changes constantly anyway. At the time that this post was being written France hadn’t closed its borders and restaurants in Belgium were still open. As things turned out, we were one of the last clients to dine out, before the miserable restaurant owner closed the doors behind us for three weeks at least. Courage to all of us and don’t stop being naughty!


Photo credit: Couple of Secrets, Pexels, Pixabay, Zumion, Les Chandelles


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