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Boate2a2 Rio new year

365 days of good sex | Xander

Last night, as Aliki and I watched the fireworks go off over spectacular Copacabana, I found myself thinking of what I would like for 2018. Not resolutions. I don't believe in them: they're usually just a laundry list of unattainable targets that is postponed from one new year to another....

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Sex on the beach

When you are surrounded by sandy beaches and crashing waves it is difficult to imagine that it is Christmas time and cold winter in Europe. It is, however, rather easy to imagine that it’s the time and place for sex. I should specify something: it’s empty sandy beaches I’m talking...

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Monday romance

Last week I was having one of these days that start off on the wrong foot. One of the kids had woken up in the middle of the night with a nightmare: a monster in the Super Mario race. -'Shush, baby, stay with me in bed. Calm down. Mama is here.' Only minutes...

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Brazil | Home of swing?

Before setting off for Brazil we had decided to dip our toes into the country's sexy swinging scene. This morning we had the first snow of the season. Just a smattering really, but enough to justify the thick wad of euros that Aliki and I spent on tickets to Brazil for...

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